Gaming startup Rally is developing a new kind of crypto platform dubbed “Creator Coin.” The system is designed to assist influencers, streamers, content creators and anybody else putting their skills, charisma and expertise to good use online.

Rally Is Making It Easy for Streamers to Garner Cash

The platform allows influencers to develop their own digital tokens. From there, they can reward their fans with units of the token for viewing or reading their content, leaving constructive feedback or performing other actions that allow the creator in question to potentially boost their business.

Among the individuals that the platform is designed for are YouTubers, digital sports athletes and streamers. CEO of Rally Kevin Chou explained in an interview:

I’ve been working on this for almost two years, and we’ve built a lot of deep technology. It took us a long time to build the technology because of how hard it is to work with blockchain tech, but we’re excited to take the covers off, and we have had a bunch of creators just fall in love with this thing.

Users also have an opportunity to create digital tokens that can bring additional income. For example, if a live streamer pays users for watching his or her videos with the token, those tokens can potentially be used to purchase whatever merchandise the streamer as built or established on their website. Thus, additional revenue systems are established for the influencer.

At the time of writing, Creator Coin is in an alpha testing stage. Users who are interested in potentially trying the platform out for their own purposes may access Rally’s website and fill out a specific form to give the company a little more information about their business before a firm agreement is reached.

Rally boasts a heavy team of digital experts that hail from mega corporations such as Disney, YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. Chou says that one of the big problems that modern-day influencers encounter through social media platforms is that they are prevented from keeping most of their proceeds. In the end, social media companies that allow users to monetize their accounts or provide users with unique material or content wind up taking much of the revenue that’s generated from developer’s pages.

Through Content Coin, users can avoid the strenuous rules and regulations that often come with these platforms. In addition, they will not be forced into advertising or partnership programs designed to make money for third parties or hosting companies. Content Coin is built to ensure content creators and influencers can earn the revenue they need to remain afloat.

The Early Stages

Chou says:

We’ve had a ton of usage, and it’s amazing to see the community is gravitating towards Creator Coin. They’re super engaged with it. That’s been super fun to watch.

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