Another fantastic jump in bitcoin’s price has occurred these past few days.  After hanging out in the high 270s, the price of bitcoin is now hovering at around $284.

We are literally about $16 away from hitting the $300 mark, which is a range that I have often felt bitcoin would hit very soon once again.  The steady rise of the price was too quick and obvious to ignore, and even now that the hype from The Wall Street Journal has no doubt died down, the price is continuing to grow.  The impression that bitcoin is having on people is continuing to last, and it will no doubt reach a heavier status in the months, possibly even weeks to come.

We have all grown and learned from bitcoin, myself included.  When I often think of who I was before I became aware of bitcoin’s presence in the financial market, I realize right away I am a completely different person.  The knowledge that I had before compared to the knowledge that I possess now does not even compare, and the fact that I have been able to steadily and solidly write about bitcoin and related digital currency topics for as long as I have is something that has not always been easy, but something I have learned to do nonetheless, and the lessons I have learned from my experiences will undoubtedly be taken with me to whatever venue I may go to or lend my skill to in the near future.

This is a good subject for today.  To all you bitcoin enthusiasts, think about the cryptocurrency for a second and try to discover what it is that bitcoin has taught you and what it has given you that you can use everywhere from here on out.

Bitcoin is popular because like most new ventures, it has taught us several things… What has it taught you?  Report your comments below.

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