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Real Research Offers Blockchain-Powered Private Surveys


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Real Research is a respected survey conduction platform and is powered by blockchain technology. The project is run by the renowned TNC IT Group. Real Research offers a global service to those who seek answers in their business or academic journey.

The platform is open to all users and anyone can create and deploy unique surveys to reach a vast audience. The Real Research app and Sponsor Portal go hand-in-hand, with these tools, users on the platform are armed with the best possible instruments to design and launch surveys to gain accurate and genuine findings.

A unique feature on the platform is the ability to conduct Private Surveys. While Public Surveys can be answered by any users on the app who match the survey filters, only a hand-picked audience can answer Private Surveys.

Real Research is a professional platform where corporates, institutes, research facilities, and more come together to gather quality data from a huge audience. However, Real Research also recognizes that some surveys need to be held within a small niche pool where users simply want to determine simple opinions or make quick decisions with friends. In this scenario, a Private Survey is the best option.

Private surveys allow users to conduct free and fun short surveys. It could be a quick survey about what pizza toppings or potluck options would the respondents prefer for a picnic or a slightly more specific survey like what retired members of an airline brand are up to now after their thrilling adventures in the global skies. Hence, Real Research is not only a platform for professional research, but also for the average regular user.

Users on the platform can deploy Private Surveys which can only be answered by the selected few. To conduct a Private Survey on the platform, sponsors (users) must first log in to the Sponsor Portal. Here, they must sync in the contacts of their determined target audience. When the unique survey is launched, it will only be visible to those synced contacts. Thus, only the determined target audience will be able to answer the survey.

The most interesting factor of all is that users can live track of the progress of their Private Surveys. Additionally, they gain access to real-time results from the moment the survey goes live. With this, they can directly reach the determined target audiences and receive rapid responses. Although, further options to filter through the audience can still be applied if needed.

Real Research allows fast, accurate, cost-efficient, and reliable data collection through a secure blockchain-powered platform. Sponsors can see real-time results and track the progress of their surveys. Ultimately, with the option of a Private Survey, users can ensure that their surveys will be answered only by those approved to answer them.

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