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Reality Star Chris Bukowski Things BTC Is Ready to Surge


Star of “Bachelor in Paradise” Chris Bukowski believes that the price of bitcoin is on the verge of rising.

Bukowski Things the World of Bitcoin

Aside from being a hit reality star, Bukowski is very big on crypto, and seems to think that the future of finance will largely be digital. The entrepreneur first got into digital assets in the year 2016, when he says bitcoin was trading for around $450. He had been working a few gigs here and there where people paid him in bitcoin.

Not really knowing what it was or how it all worked, he originally wanted to cash out completely, but wound up leaving much of it on his digital wallet. He later saw a huge surge in his net worth when bitcoin, as we all remember, entered its primary bull phase in 2017 and rose to nearly $20,000 in December of that year. While he did cash out some of his coins, he was able to keep most of his stash stored away, which allowed his worth to grow and expand.

He explains in an interview:

I got in [bitcoin] when it was about $450, so I got [in] early. And luckily enough, I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, you know, with bitcoin… [My holdings] were on Bit Panda, which is a wallet, and I couldn’t really figure out how to get them off. I was trying to cash it all out because someone paid me in bitcoin [and] I had no idea what it is.

From there, he became increasingly interested in the field of crypto and wound up working as an advisor for Empire Hotels. He was put in charge of an application that allowed guests to pay for their rooms and other services with digital currency.

He states:

Just learning about how to get a digital wallet and how to take it off a wallet, how to turn it into cash, which I didn’t do to half of it, but I just kind of got so interested in it, and I then went down this black hole of research and learning about it, then talking to my friends about it, asking questions about it. I’ve been kind of obsessed with it ever since.

Tripling or Quadrupling in Size

He’s now predicting that the halving scheduled for May of next year is likely to cause bitcoin’s price to increase by three or even four times what it is today. With bitcoin currently trading at $7,400, that would mean that the currency is likely to shoot well into the $20,000 range.

Aside from BTC, Bukowski also has several altcoins in his portfolio. He first began getting interested in altcoins in 2017, and he’s particularly intrigued by the Korean project ICON, of which he holds several shares.


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