Getting more companies and service providers to accept cryptocurrency remains a big problem. While there are many benefits to Bitcoin and select altcoins, most platforms will not take this gamble. It is all the more surprising to see a platform such as VRPorn embrace Litecoin all of a sudden.

Most people will not have heard of the VRporn platform. That isn’t exactly surprising, as adult content and VR remains a relatively new industry. At the same time, there will be individuals who question the legitimacy of this platform. Only time will tell whether or not VRPorn can be trusted in this regard.

A Positive Development for Litecoin

Even so, the important part is the company’s acceptance of Litecoin. Although LTC is a prominent cryptocurrency, it’s not necessarily at  a company’s top of the list. In a way, this is a positive trend. Litecoin has cheap and fast transactions, mainly due to SegWit.  The network also sees fewer transactions in general, thus that situation may change moving forward.

So far, it seems the community remains divided o this front. Using Litecoin to pay for porn watching in VR is not necessarily a mainstream use case. Cryptocurrencies haven’t made much of an impact in the porn industry just yet. Other than Verge’s deal with Pornhub – which isn’t all that popular either – no real inroads have been made.

It will take a lot of time until cryptocurrency can go mainstream. Acceptance on sites like VRPorn may speed up the process, albeit only slightly. Until major service providers embrace cryptocurrency not much will change. That doesn’t mean initiatives like OpenBazaar will not be successful, though. Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy, and a lot of things will change in the years to come.

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