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Renowned Economist Calling For A Cashless Society Predicts Bitcoin Will Disappear


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Financial experts are always at odds with themselves when it comes to discussing bitcoin. From their point of view, cryptocurrency has no place in the financial world, even though it is a global currency. Some of these experts say very unusual things, though, such as how Bitcoin will be eliminated in the future. It is not unlikely this will happen, although it seems unlikely Bitcoin will go away anytime soon.

Should We Be Concerned About Bitcoin Disappearing?

Depending on whom you ask that question to, the answer will be either “of course” or “not at all.” Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can’t see the demise of Bitcoin happening anytime soon, although the possibility is always there Albeit this may only be a theoretical chance, it is still a possibility that should not be dismissed.

However, one needs to take into account Bitcoin is not like any other currency that has existed before. It is based on mathematics and cryptography, neither of which can just be deleted from the world overnight. When financial experts say Bitcoin will go away, one should take the statement with a few grains of salt, as some of their findings are borderline delusional.

What is rather disconcerting is how these comments are voiced by the same economist who pushed India’s government to introduced their recent banknote ban. As we have seen from that development, it only brought about more financial turmoil. Additionally, it also highlights how banks and governments create an unstable economic ecosystem, to begin with.

It is difficult for these so-called economists to wrap their head around Bitcoin, and that is only understandable. Just a few years ago, most financial experts assumed Bitcoin was just imaginary money, and would never have insignificant value. Fast forward to today and Bitcoin is the only haven asset in the world amid all of the financial turmoil taking place. This turmoil is caused by the same banks and governments who rely on these economists to help them create a stable ecosystem, mind you.

It is impossible for anyone to tell the rest of the world what has value and what doesn’t. Bitcoin has a lot of value to many people for very different reasons. Fiat currency, stocks, and bonds, have value to others. One is not necessarily created to replace the other, but that does not mean they cannot’ coexist. Financial experts and economists are legitimately afraid of Bitcoin, as it would make their job virtually obsolete.


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