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How Revain Contributes to the Growth of IoT


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A newly announced Ethereum project is making use of the machine-to-machine (M2M) technology to create a legitimate feedback platform.

Revain, as the project is titled, combines the talents of blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) and shapes a futuristic review forum, where “fake” does not exist. It protects users and companies from the long term impact of a fake review, a problem so persistent in the current business climate.

The Revain team believes that the evolution of IoT as a whole will help to deliver user feedbacks relevant to company reputations. It will be made possible by robots, which will rely on Revain system.

How does Revain Work?

The current feedback system doesn’t allow people to recognize fake reviews. This flaw also gives opportunities to business competitors for name-shamming. Whatever users read on internet today is not 100% correct. It can be a heavily misleading paid review.

On the other hand, Revain employs a unique review filtration mechanism featuring automatic filtration, tone analyzer and natural language understanding tool. These features can determine the natural tone of a review, as well as its relevance to the company. The technology is so good that even checks user reviews for its Anger, Disgust and Sadness Levels, and natural language understanding — contributing a great deal to the IoT industry.

Revain further makes sure that user feedbacks are stored on blockchain where it remains above change. These reviews are accessed by a request from a smart contract. Therefore, there is no scope for modification once a review is submitted.

Rewarding Users for Genuine Reviews

Revain also makes sure that the users are rewarded for their honest contributions. This reward is given via Revain’s internal token, RVN. When users are compensated, the likelihood of receiving a tampered review decreases.

To know more about Revain and their ongoing crowdsale, visit here.

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