In today’s e-commerce world, online reviews can make or break a company. However, with the rise in the number of counterfeit reviews on the internet, there is a need for a change to ensure everyone benefits from honest feedback about the products and services. It will not only help users share their experience and make decisions based on others’ reviews but also saves the companies from fake posts from competitors or those with mala fide intentions.

To reinvent the review mechanism in the industry, Revain launched a flagship Dashboard product, upgraded to version 0.9. The newest version of the expanding platform takes the applications of blockchain technology to newer heights.

Build Confidence in The Start-Up’s Product.

Being a first of its kind product in the crypto world, Revain was created to modernize online reviews using blockchain technology to gather accurate user reviews on start-ups and projects that have concluded their crowdfunding/ICO stage. The goal of collecting precise user reviews is in response to the growing number of online consumers reading reviews and making purchase decisions based on the what they have read.

For online consumers, the reliability and professionalism of a brand is the most important factor they consider before using it or recommending it to others, according to a 2014 survey by Bright Local. Similarly, the report revealed that 88 percent of consumers, trust online reviews just as they would trust personal recommendations. This is because, for a start-up, each review written on a product, on the start-up’s site, increase the amount of unique content the site offers on the product.

This means the start-up will be seen as having a high standing and more relevance. Additionally, customer reviews and rating increase the chances of higher page rank, as Google’s algorithm takes into account where the product’s ratings are, and the links that relay back to the site. In short, customer reviews build confidence in the start-up’s product.

Feature-Rich Latest Revain Platform

The recently updated Revain dashboard comes with a fully-loaded premium version that can be used by businesses to connect with authors of reviews to understand their concerns and reward them for quality content in the near future. The platform’s AI module integrates IBM’s Watson which ensures that the rewards offered by businesses are directed only to those who have written most qualitative and helpful reviews. This way, it will prevent people from misusing the opportunity by writing reviews which may not be of any value to customers or the companies.

Customers and reviewers can also ensure that their voice is heard by the company and their peers by sharing the review with others. This review sharing feature is also part of the latest Revain Dashboard Update.

Revain is committed to offering the best experience to the industry, and in order to keep up with its commitment, the platform continues to improve its dashboard offering, with new updates launched in frequent intervals.

How Revain Will Revolutionize the Industry.

The team of developers behind Revain recognize the importance of reviews, hence the first-of-its-kind, tamper-proof system that will ensure the integrity of each customer review. Revain’s platform offers services that will allow businesses to receive detailed and genuine feedback about their projects.

By building a dedicated customer-review system on the blockchain, Revain will give consumers access to real, unadulterated information on products so that they can make accurate, organic decisions on their purchases.

The Revain system will combat fake reviews with some features including ‘Know your Customer,’ which is a system that prevents mass registration of accounts used to post countless reviews. A two-step verification process on each review, conducted both manually and an AI will detect any unwarranted text, flooding, spam, and abuse.

Revain covers ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges, gaming platforms, e-commerce sites, booking websites, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). The system will prevent businesses from creating fake reviews and deleting negative ones. Furthermore, this business will have a stamp of integrity to let consumers know that they are high-quality vendors.

Revain is built on the Ethereum platform. Through its blockchain technology, Revain can offer neat components that makes it the first of its kind, as well as creating an economic model, that rewards users for creating honest reviews online through its token RVN.

RVN is a stable internal token that is tradable and available outside the platform. It automatically filters learning and neural networks to recognize all sorts of baseless content, including spam, surges, abuse and more.

The fact that Revain uses Ethereum blockchain, guarantees all data posted on the platform cannot be altered with. Additionally, anybody can check all of the reviews or transactions since the platform provides an open Github page where anyone can investigate their code.

Though it’s evident that consumers and Revain’s users will benefit from the platform’s use of blockchain technology, a full-scale Revain platform in the industry will promote start-up projects, help more to grow, and build trust which is the most critical aspect of any business.

Revain’ s primary purpose is to help make the market more transparent and help companies get real feedback on their products.

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