Companies working with blockchain technology are constantly coming up with new products for various industries. Colu is one such company which uses bitcoin blockchain technology to create tools that help users, mainly developers and companies create and exchange digital contracts.

The Israel based company had recently launched its public beta version of its platform for individual developers and companies to build on its platform. Soon after the launch, Colu has announced its first partnership. The company has now partnered with Revelator.

Revelator is a cloud based intelligent sales and marketing management solutions provider that caters to the indie music industry. Indie music companies can upload and sell their music on Revelator’s easy to use platform. The platform also provides various marketing tools to help its clients promote their content by reaching out to media and new listeners. It is important to track the progress of sales and promotions. The platform also allows tracking, reporting and analysis of music sales and promotions.

This partnership will allow Revelator to build its own Rights Management API on blockchain using Colu’s platform. A blockchain based Rights Management Application will help Revelators and artists to record and manage various rights associated with music, including transfer of rights, right of ownership etc. The use of blockchain technology for intellectual property rights management has already been tested and there are companies like Ascribe who are providing similar services for arts.

Colu’s design allows developers and consumers with no prior knowledge of bitcoin or blockchain technology to create and exchange digital assets. Any type of digital asset can be created using this platform.

According to the CEO and Co-founder of Colu — Amos Meiri, they have been working closely with many companies to provide blockchain based solutions in a consumer friendly way and with the launch of beta product consumers can gain access to a wide range of solutions and services in the coming days. The company’s main aim is to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone.

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