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Riding the Bitgert Coin Rally: Post-Halving Momentum


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The crypto community is on a change with the just concluded halving. The Bitcoin post halving comes with the biggest bull run in crypto history, as investors are anticipating the Bitcoin price to go over $100,000. However, with the halving comes a slash in price, and investors have to make smart decisions to mitigate risk and also earn.

Bitgert BRISE presents this opportunity. What was once a passing momentum has now become one of the top altcoins and is even looking to be the next “Bitcoin” even more, so far this project has been delivering consistently,

Let’s have a look at the hype on Bitgert BRISE.

Bitgert(BRISE): Eco-Friendly Crypto for Sustainable Future

Bitgert is an early crypto project which uses a layer 1 blockchain network. The project aims to enable scalability, faster transactions, and energy efficiency using eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. The Bitgert blockchain employs a Proof of Authority (POA) model that enables over 100,000 Transactions per second (TPS).

With its promising features, Bitgert uses blockchain technology, which makes it a good option for beginners and early investors who want a better option for cost saving while on other blockchains.

Bigert is also in sync with Ethereum VirtualMachine (EVM) which makes it easier for developers who want to host projects using smart contracts. The Bitgert chain has hosted projects across DeFi and Metaverse. Tokens like BEFE coin can be staked on Bitgert and traders can earn rewards.

BRISE Coin Market Analysis on Bullish Momentum

With the post-halving event, the Bitgert(BRISE) BRC 20 token has been on a speed run, giving huge profits to early investors. The coin has skyrocketed to over 40,000%. The coin is currently trading at $0.0000002358, and market cap exceeding $83,000,000. This is another reason why investors are so bullish on Bitgert blockchain.

Using a deflationary model, the coin has, where 12% of this supply is burnt on each transaction. This thereby reduces supply and increases demand for the price of the coin. The technical indicators such as the RSI being over 55 and the supply volume and moving average convergence all show a positive strong buy for the coin.

With the concluded post halving, experts and analysts are bullish on Bitgert, even going on an upward trend, bringing massive returns to investors. With its cutting-edge technology, Bitgert has presented itself to be the top crypto asset and the project is just getting started.

To learn more, visit Bitgert.


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