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Ripple Contributes $29m in XRP to Donorschoose.org


Ripple is making many headlines as of right now. The company is bringing much-need devotion to the financial sector as we speak. At the same time, there is also some positive attention for the XRP asset. More specifically, $29m worth of XRP will be donated through DonorsChoose from a very specific effort.

To put all of this into perspective, DonorsChoose.org is a very popular site. It allows teachers to post requests for help. In this particular case, Ripple paid very close attention to these requests and decided to donate $29m worth of XRP for this venture. With the money, the teachers can purchase library books, computers, field trips, et cetera. It is all possible thanks to one company related to cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Ripple Makes Teachers’ Dreams Come True

As such, Ripple foots the bill for over 35,600 classroom requests. This is quite a spectacular step, even for this particular company. It is evident the world of cryptocurrency needs some positive attention. Ripple is effectively achieving something other companies have not been able to so far. It is evident the company is taking the right approach in this regard. All of the fulfilled requests will improve the lives of thousands of children in the Bay Area.

Gathering the necessary funding for these requests is not all that easy. In fact, smaller donors often contribute to these particular requests, but it’s hard to scrape together all of the funds. Ripple has successfully made that a non-issue, at least as far as the current requests are concerned. Whether or not they will make future donations through this platform, remains to be determined.

It is also the largest single virtual currency gift to a charity to date. Ripple has kept it a secret until the announcement last night. This move by Ripple is unprecedented in every way, which makes it all the more intriguing. DonorsChoose is effectively impressed by this move. The excitement surrounding this major contribution will not die down anytime soon. All of the donated funds have been converted to US Dollars, which is only to be expected.

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