Attending conferences is a great way to projects and their teams to raise awareness. It seems the Ripple team will be making their presence known at quite a few events later this month. This goes to show lobbying and marketing are integral parts of making any digital asset project succeed. It will be interesting to see if this news will have any impact on the XRP price whatsoever.

The June Events for Ripple Are Quite Important

One cannot claim the Ripple team is not looking to make an impact right now. Even though a lot of cryptocurrency diehards may disagree with their methods used, the concept has a lot of merit. XRP Is not a cryptocurrency by any means, nor is it controlled by banks. It is a digital asset which leans toward facilitating financial services, that much is evident. The value of XRP is therefore derived from different external factors compared to traditional cryptocurrency speculation.

To spread the word about the Ripple technology, company officials will attend various events around the world. Later today, an Interledger Protocol demo will be showcased at TU Delft. The Interledger protocol is a positive development for both Ripple and XRP, as it highlights the potential of this digital asset for global and cross-ledger payments. It will be interesting to see what this demo will look like, though.

Other events for Ripple later this month include the Euro Banking Association in Dublin, which takes place on June 20 and 21. As said before, Ripple’s technology can be of great value to banks. Attending such a major conference, followed by Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen, could attract a lot of attention to the protocol. A lot of cryptocurrency projects will try to make an impact during those events as well. Bridging the gap between digital solutions and traditional finance is still of great importance.

Last but not least, there is an Interledger event on June 26th. This particular event focuses on the protocol for connecting ledgers. Ripple developers recently took part in such a trial, which allowed funds to be transferred across seven different ledgers in mere seconds. It is evident Ripple and the XRP asset will play a big role in the financial sector moving forward.

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