If there is one thing the Ripple community can use, it is more wallet solutions. Even though GateHub is quite a popular solution, more competition is always welcome. RippleWarpWallet is a fork of the Bitcoin WarpWallet. Unlike most wallets which use a private key, RippleWarpWallet uses passphrases. Moreover, this solution is a good defense against brute force attacks. Community projects such as these are always quite interesting to take note of.

Seeing community members develop new Ripple wallet solutions is quite intriguing. Up until this point, there was no real hierarchical deterministic wallet for XRP holders. That has come to change, thanks to the RippleWarpWallet. It is a fork of the existing WarpWallet, which has been somewhat popular among Bitcoin users. Contrary to regular wallets, WarpWallet uses a passphrase, rather than secret keys. Users are still required to pick a proper passphrase, though, which can be quite problematic for some people.

RippleWarpWallet Gives Users More Options

This brings us to the main aspect for RippleWarWallet. It is a proper defense against brute force wallet attacks. If users generate the proper unique passphrase and not use it anywhere else, they can easily create a secure XRP wallet solution. It is somewhat similar to brainwallets, which are not necessarily liked among cryptocurrency users. Then again, given the semi-lack of other solutions, it still makes a lot of sense to use something like this.

Interestingly enough, RippleWarpWallet uses scrypt to make address generation very intensive. Additionally, users can “salt” passwords by using an email address. Although this latter step is completely optional, adding more wallet security is never a bad idea. It doesn’t even have to be salted with a real email address either. Just something the user can remember easily while making it incredibly difficult to guess by assailants.

Considering how the RippleWarpWallet source code is on GitHub, anyone can check out the project. It is good to see more projects like this come to fruition. The Ripple ecosystem needs to grow, to say the least. More wallet solutions are always welcome, that much is evident. Users have been looking for convenient solutions and RippleWarpWallet may provide what they are looking for.

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