Roger Ver used to be a full-time bitcoin fanatic. He was one of the currency’s early investors, which earned him the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus.”

Roger Ver: I’m a BCH Man, Not Bitcoin

However, in recent years, Ver has shifted his focus and love over to bitcoin’s baby brother bitcoin cash (BCH). BCH came about in 2017 following a hard fork of the head honcho of crypto. The currency rose to prominence just months later when the entire industry was experiencing bull behavior like we had never anticipated. During that time, bitcoin rose to nearly $20,000 – an all-time high – while several other altcoins joined the ranks and began experiencing solid jumps as well.

One of those was bitcoin cash, which flew to just over $3,000 by the time January 2018 came about. This was impressive for many investors, who felt that BCH – which was still so new at the time – wouldn’t have the experience or the power to experience such a meteoric rise. Nevertheless, the spike occurred for BCH, and early investors thought they had hit the jackpot.

Since then, however, it’s been a series of bear runs for BCH along with several other forms of crypto. At the time of writing, BCH is trading for about $200, and has lost more than 90 percent of its overall value. While the currency isn’t alone in its present state – bitcoin is currently trading at around $7,300, while Ethereum, which was trading for more than $1,400 at one point, is now selling for about $130 – we can’t deny that the token has lost a lot of standing in the digital community.

Still, Roger Ver sticks by BCH and claims that the coin could potentially edge out bitcoin and exceed its current market cap. This is a mega prediction considering that bitcoin is still the number one cryptocurrency amongst industry associates, but Ver thinks the time will come when the lesser coin could topple the big bad crypto giant.

In a recent interview, Ver claims: is partnering with more household names to bring bitcoin cash usage to actual commerce for real people and real businesses. As that adoption of BCH-based commerce grows, so will its market cap. Eventually, it will surpass the market cap of BTC that is only viewed as speculative at this point.

It’s Faster and Stronger

Ver also claims that bitcoin cash is faster than its “father,” and that it serves as a stronger means of payment when compared with its digital counterpart:

Bitcoin cash allows anyone to send or receive any amount of money, with anyone, anywhere instantly basically for free, and they don’t need permission from a bank or government to do so. This is the elevator speech I’ve been giving since 2011 and it is still true about bitcoin cash today. This is no longer true about bitcoin.

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