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Roobee, the Blockchain-Powered Investment Platform Wins Accolades from Crypto Community


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The global financial technology company offering AI-powered blockchain investment services has recently achieved a significant milestone by raising over $900,000 in under 2 hours through its IEO on Bitforex. Roobee has another IEO set to go live on EXMO on June 4, 2019.

Roobee holds the distinction of being the first blockchain investment service developed for private investors. The platform enables its users to invest in a diverse range of financial instruments including loans, IPOs, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, stocks, venture capital and so on.

In addition to providing easy access to investment opportunities, the Roobee ecosystem solves various shortcomings of the existing financial industry segment. It offers unprecedented levels of transparency for each investment product, which are also scrutinized and scored based on their reliability. Also, Roobee has successfully lowered the bar for entry into the markets, as it takes as less as $10 investment into any financial product on the platform.

The Whales have Spoken

The reliability, ease of use, implementation of blockchain technology and support for crypto assets has attracted the attention of crypto industry heavyweights. The recently concluded IEO only reiterates the community’s trust in the project, as Roobee has earlier raised $1 million from a top Bitcoin Whale in a private round prior to the Bitforex IEO.

The Bitcoin Whale in question is one of the top 250 Bitcoin holders with a wallet balance of over 7000 BTCs. Preferring to stay anonymous the investor while offering $1 million (200 BTC) to the Roobee Project included a message in the transaction saying” In Roobee I Trust”. If that’s not enough, another well-known personality in the crypto industry, known as 200M_trader has pledged a $4.5 million investment in the Roobee platform.

In 200M_trader’s words,

“I only invest in projects that can reach a capitalization of $1bn within the time frame of 5 years. I see this potential in Roobee project, that’s why I invested $4.5 million into this blockchain-based investment platform. I’ve been following the same guidelines investing in Ethereum, EOS and other projects. In 2017 this strategy allowed me to transform $55m into $283m within a month. Moreover, I’ve seen a lot on the cryptocurrency market over the past three years, and in 2019 only products with tested business models, solving real tasks facing our world, take the lead.”

Tested for Stability and Reliability

The Roobee platform has been extensively put to test. The platform, after having undergone constant incremental development since 2017 is currently working in private mode, and in this test phase itself, Roobee has processed crypto transactions worth over $15 million. Those who have used the platform have, in turn, joined the ever-growing Roobee community which is now 300,000 strong. And some of the experts who tested out Roobee’s MVP had only good things to say, and their impression of the platform is quite evident in their opinions and comments on various online forums and websites.

Want to know more about Roobee? Visit https://roobee.info/



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