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Ross Ulbricht’s Lawyers Hint At Third Corrupt Official During Silk Road Investigation


The Ross Ulbricht trial has caused a lot of controversy in recent years already. With two corrupt investigators on the case before a sentence was even handed down, many feel a lot of skeletons have yet to come out of the closet. According to Ulbricht’s lawyers, there may be another corrupt agent tied to the Silk Road investigation.

Corrupt Agents Put Ross Ulbricht Behind Bars

It is apparent the US justice system does not work as it should, otherwise events like these would never transpire, to begin with. Granted, human beings are susceptible to corruption and bribery, with greed bringing out the worst in people. But when law enforcement agents go rogue during an ongoing criminal investigation, the finger of blame should be pointed at the US justice system.

To be more precise, Ross Ulbricht’s lawyers accuse a third rogue agent of being involved in the Silk Road investigation. Private chat logs between Ulbricht and a Silk Road member have been uncovered. Albertpacino, as this person is known as, is responsible for offering information about the Silk Road investigation straight from the law enforcement offices in exchange for weekly payments. Interestingly enough, this information was unknown to both the prosecution and defense, indicating someone tampered with valuable evidence.

It is not the first time the Silk Road investigation suffers from rogue law enforcement agents. Two other investigators have been using pseudonyms to steal bitcoins from the site while the investigation was taking place. They also allegedly sold Ulbricht law enforcement agency information, all of which shows their crooked nature. The prosecution handily negated these errors, though, and made an example of Ulbricht. Corruption as its finest, to say the least.

As a result of these uncovered logs, the entire Silk Road investigation it put into question once again. There is only so much evidence that can be willingly ignored before action has to be taken. These private chat logs indicate the law enforcement agencies investigation Silk Road have a mole, although no one is sure who might be behind these actions. Additionally, if that evidence has been tampered with, who knows what else has been falsified in the process?

Ulbricht’s lawyers have put in a request for the government to turn over any additional information they have on this albertpacine user. Whether they will honor this request is a different matter entirely. Moreover, it is doubtful proving the existence of yet another corrupt law enforcement agent would improve Ross’ chances of not getting a life sentence.

It is evident corrupt law enforcement agents are no major concern as long as someone can be put behind bars. Judges can dismiss this evidence as they see fit. The US justice system wants to make an example out of a man who did nothing more than provide the world with a free market business model we so direly need. Tainted evidence should not be ignored, particularly not when it puts an entire investigation in questions.

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