It’s not uncommon to see sports players and crypto working together, and in the case of offensive tackle Russell Okung of the Carolina Panthers, bitcoin is something he’s crazy about.

Russell Okung Loves His BTC

After shooting out a tweet last year that read “Pay me in bitcoin,” it can’t become any clearer than it already is that Okung is looking for additional ways to grow the crypto industry and his digital wealth. Recently, the NFL player announced he would be investing in a company called Fold, which is joining hands with Visa to unveil a new line of crypto-based debit cards that will allow users to make purchases using digital assets.

He’s convinced the company will push mainstream adoption closer towards reality. In an interview, he explains:

I believe bitcoin is the best way to empower people with control over their own value, and so my main criteria for investing in bitcoin companies is that they simplify the onboarding process for bitcoin rookies. The Fold Visa card creates a totally new way to participate in the bitcoin economy which doesn’t require people to change their spending behavior or even take any financial risks before they can start accumulating bitcoin.

Crypto and sports first began integrating with each other about six years ago. The Sacramento Kings were the first team to ever accept bitcoin as a method of payment for tickets and team-related merchandise. From there, other teams – such as the Dallas Mavericks, owned by billionaire Mark Cuban – have followed in their footsteps to accept crypto for ticket purchases.

But this goes well beyond just accepting bitcoin because it’s popular. Okung is convinced that crypto is going to revolutionize the finance industry in ways nobody is predicting and that it could give users more power than they ever thought possible. He explains:

Most people don’t have the time or energy to research all the possible implications of sound money, but you start offering them free money every time they shop at Amazon and Uber like Fold does? Now we’re talking… Bitcoin changes everything. As economic uncertainty continues to take its toll on our everyday lives, I believe we’ll see more and more people experience a shift in how they relate to money. Bitcoin offers us a practical solution to overcome the imminent demise of the legacy financial system.

It’s Going to Change Everything

One of the things he’s really excited about regarding Fold is that it provides bitcoin rewards, rather than airline miles or loyalty points. He describes this fact as a real gamechanger, and believes it’s going to get everyone curious, which will in turn lead to higher usage and stronger legitimacy for the entire space. He comments:

I believe finding more ways to earn bitcoin is just as important as getting more people interested in buying bitcoin.

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