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Russian Police Arrests Ransomware Developer After Operation Avalanche


Even though ransomware remains a global threat, one of Russia’s largest malware developers were arrested last week. A man going by the name of Pornopoker is arrested on suspicion of developing and distributing various types of ransomware. The also works with an accomplice, who was arrested a while ago.

Russian Ransomware Developer Behind Bars

Albeit the number of online threats continues to increase exponentially, ransomware remains one of the biggest concerns to date. Putting developers who create and distribute this malware behind bars is not an easy feat. As is the case with most types of internet crime, it is virtually impossible to determine the identity of individuals involved in these schemes.

Thankfully, Russian authorities managed to uncover not one, but two people responsible for creating and distributing ransomware. One person going by the alias Pornopoker was arrested at Domodedovo International Airport after returning from a trip to Thailand. This accomplice was arrested earlier on, although neither suspect has been officially identified by their real names.

Although information’s hard to come by, Pornopoker and this accomplice have created ransomware claiming to be distributed by Russian police and law enforcement agencies. This is the same type of malware as the FedPol ransomware that plagued Benelux users a few years ago. Impersonating the MIA, FSB, or Federal Bailiff Service is frowned upon in Russia even more than elsewhere.

This is only the latest arrest in a long list of investigations related to project Avalanche. With law enforcement agencies from all over the world teaming up to fight malware distribution, a lot of other developers and distributors have been identified in the process. Further arrests are expected to take place in the coming weeks, although there is no indication as to where these people may be located.

It is evident Ransomware is a top priority for law enforcement agencies all over the world right now. Finding the people responsible for creating and distributing malware on a global scale is not an easy feat. However, criminals should not think they are safe from harm either, as the police will knock on their door sooner or later.

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