Various countries mull creating their own cryptocurrencies. That is not an easy feat, as many different aspects need to be considered. In Saudi Arabia, such a new currency will be finalized in mid-2019. This currency will have the backing of the Saudi central bank. Despite this timeline, the working group behind this project is still evaluating the potential impact of such a currency.

Saudi Arabia and Digital Currency

The success of Bitcoin hasn’t gone by unnoticed. Despite falling prices, the currency highlights some interesting potential. Digital cash is something a lot of consumers and corporations seem to favor at this time. This means governments and central banks need to cater to this demand. Creating a native cryptocurrency seems to fit this will quite well in that regard.

In Saudi Arabia, such a currency is being developed. It is a venture between the country itself and the United Arab Emirates. Not too much is known about the currency at this time. It has no official name, and its potential success remains unclear. The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority is still investigating the feasibility of such a currency. Transforming finance in Saudi Arabia will not be without potential risks.

It is expected this new currency will come to market in mid-2019. More importantly, it will be supported by a limited number of banks. The central bank of Saudi Arabia wants to improve upon cross-border payments. Which banks will support this currency from day one, has not been officially communicated as of yet. This somewhat cautious approach to digital currency shows a lot of questions remain unanswered.

Saudi Arabia and Digital Currency

Other Countries Remain Hesitant

It is not the first time a country mulls creating a native cryptocurrency. To date, none of those regions have put any plans in motion to do so. It appears Saudi Arabia is leading the pack in terms of exploring the opportunities. Making cross-border payments more efficient is a worthy goal. It is something that can benefit consumers and corporations alike.

This news comes at a bit of an odd time. Ripple, the company developing xRapid and the XRP asset, has begun making inroads in Saudi Arabia. The country’s National Commercial Bank is a member of RippleNet. This move is also part of streamlining cross-border payments to and from the Kingdom. Additionally, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority conducted a Ripple-oriented pilot earlier in 2018.

Putting all of one’s eggs in the same basket is never a smart idea. Diversification is key, especially in the financial industry. For banks, exploring different technologies and implementations will often yield the best results. This also confirms Ripple and a central bank-issued digital currency can potentially co-exist in the same country.

Do you think more countries will begin to consider issuing national cryptocurrencies? Let us know in the comments below.

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