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Search Engine Loophole Allows Huge Travel Savings When Buying with Crypto


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Planning a vacation? Whether it’s your first time or you’re a travel junkie, selecting and booking your hotel, resort and airfare can turn out be a “misadventure” if you don’t book correctly. Let me ease your travel worried mind with this bit of good news –  vacationing through the blockchain is here to make travel faster, easier, more efficient, and yes, cheaper!

On July 28th, TravelBlock.io, the first major blockchain project to offer heavily discounted travel deals that are purchasable with cryptocurrencies, is opening access to its beta software to all TRVL token holders with resort, hotel, airfare, & cruise search capabilities as well as its all-new discount engine fully operable.

In other words, token holders can book discounted vacations on TravelBlock.io right now.  During the beta, travel booking will only be available in fiat currencies. Payment with TRVL tokens will be available after the beta testing is completed.

Pre-sale token holders are automatically being given access to the beta software and discount travel search engine, but it is still possible for people who missed the pre-sale to give the beta a test drive by getting an invitation from a friend who joined the pre-sale, or through one of their beta launch token offerings coming soon.  You must be a TRVL token holder to access the beta.

The TRVL token is an ERC20 based token that provides access to and discounts on the TravelBlock travel network.  Holding TRVL tokens allows access to the TravelBlock Closed Consumer Group (CCG), which allows usage of the TravelBlock booking website where discounted travel offers are listed.  Because it is a closed consumer group for token holders only, there are no limitations to the types and sizes of discounts they can provide, and they can apply to any and every resort, hotel, flight, or cruise around the world.  These are discounts that are not allowed to be listed publicly outside of a closed consumer group.

The TRVL token also provides a reward system for travel, so you can essentially “get paid to travel”.  Cryptocurrency enthusiasts could view it as mining for TRVL Reward Tokens by traveling. The more you travel, the more Reward TRVL Tokens you receive.  Reward TRVL tokens can be spent on any travel booked through the TravelBlock booking engine, but they are not tradable on exchanges, in order to minimize the volatility of the token.  Regular TRVL token holders will be able to trade their TRVL tokens on exchanges when the token is officially released, but reward tokens will remain in their booking system accounts for purchasing travel only.

TravelBlock also offers free vacations to members. During the pre-sale, Token holders of certain amounts of TRVL were given a free 7-day vacation through the TravelBlock platform.  With the beta opening on July 28th, those TRVL token holders will have access to their free vacations immediately to start booking. Please see the terms and conditions for instructions: https://travelblock.io/documents/free-week-terms.pdf

Those who were not able to get the free vacation offer during the pre-sale, will be able to qualify for a 7-for-7 special offer available soon during the beta test.  Token holders who buy 7 ETH worth of TRVL tokens will get a free 7-day vacation stay at one of TravelBlock’s signature resorts (check site for availability).

TravelBlock’s Vacation Offers

All contributors that invested 5 ETH or more during the pre-sale will be receiving their free 1-week voucher(s) so they can use it immediately to book their first trip through the TravelBlock platform. They are able to select from any of TravelBlock’s wide range of offers. Take a look:

+350,000 Hotels

Pick from a wide array of an ever-growing list of hotels in popular destinations (Over 14 million hotel rooms).

All major Cruise Lines

Glide through the waters of the five oceans, river cruises and luxury cruises.

Access to 9,300 Private Resorts

Giving you access to the world’s most luxurious members only resorts.

World Wide Tour Operators

All six continents are open for the adventures of a lifetime. Go anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Growing Partnerships

TravelBlock will be announcing the details of its new partnership with “I Only Fly First Class” in the coming weeks.

You’re Invited…

TravelBlock is building the next generation of travel services by eliminating the traditional monopolized Global Distribution System and going through private channels powered by the blockchain, creating significant advantages over existing frameworks and applications. It’s low cost, secure, immutable, irreversible and transparent for users.

By being part of TravelBlock, TRVL token holders will have average discounts of 30% to 60% on their travel and vacation needs, through the private consumer platform available only to them, and they’ll have the ability to pay with cryptocurrency for virtually any and all travel around the globe. Thanks to strategic partnerships, travel providers, and direct negotiations TravelBlock is able to offer wholesale rates direct to the public, assuring their token holders that wherever your travels lead you, you’ll always get what you want, where you want, when you want it.

TravelBlock has extended the Beta access to all current TRVL token holders as well as new token purchasers and will be giving current token holders access to the booking platform; this will answer the ultimate question around TravelBlock. Are these 30-60% discounts on travel real? They are confident that everyone will love what they find on TravelBlock.com and can’t wait to spread the word on the real savings that buying travel through the blockchain generates.

To win even more free travel, members will be able to invite friends and family to join the TravelBlock beta for referral reward tokens that can be used on travel coming in approximately 2 weeks after the beta launch.

Note that it will cost as little as 0.1 ETH for friends and family referrals to join the beta. Help TravelBlock.io test their discount travel search engine and get paid to get discounts!

Please check out the terms and conditions for details and instructions.


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