The cryptocurrency market continues to flourish, and everyone wants to get a piece of it. As people continue to buy into the digital currency space, SecuX is creating products that allow them to safeguard their crypto assets and use them as a mode of payment whenever necessary.

A Taiwanese Blockchain Security Company, SecuX Technology Inc is an emerging state-of-the-art cryptocurrency hardware wallet and payment solutions provider. Around since 2018, SecuX’s products have gained recognition within a year, allowing it to win the Best Cross-Platform Crypto Hardware Wallet award by CV Magazine in 2019. Currently, SecuX offers three different STONE hardware wallet models along with STREAM crypto payment infrastructure for vendors.




Cryptocurrency hardware wallets in SecuX STONE series are user-friendly devices featuring a secure design that shields users’ crypto assets from various potential threats including cyber hacking, virus implanting, physical invasion, clone swapping and more. Equipped with Infineon SLE Solid Flash CC EAL5+ Secure Element chip, devices are military-level security certified with zero transaction leakage possibility.

The SecuX STONE wallets are capable of managing up to 500 different accounts, 1000+ cryptocurrencies and all ERC20 standard tokens. Depending on the models, SecuX STONE V20 and W20 wallets can be connected to desktops, tablets, mobile phones via Bluetooth (BLE) or USB connectors to access the stored assets and execute transactions. As an additional layer of protection, the devices require OTP authentication while connecting to any device.

Compared to other alternatives, the SecuX STONE wallets are quite inexpensive and comes with a 2.8” color touch display for convenient navigation. The device also comes integrated with Coinify enabling users to purchase cryptocurrencies of their choice from within the application.

Comparing SecuX STONE Crypto Hardware Wallets

Model Name V20 Flagship W20 Fantasy W10 Lite
Cost $139.00 $119.00 $69.00
Secure Element Infineon Security Chip

(CC EAL5+ Certified)

Infineon Security Chip

(CC EAL5+ Certified)

Infineon Security Chip

(CC EAL5+ Certified)

PIN Code Yes Yes Yes
Account Recoverability Standard 12, 18 or 24 recovery words Standard 12, 18 or 24 recovery words Standard 12, 18 or 24 recovery words
Supported Platforms Desktop|Laptop|Tablet|
Connectivity USB Type-C | Bluetooth USB micro-B | Bluetooth USB micro-B
Screen 2.8” Color Touchscreen 2.8” Color Touchscreen 2.8” Color Touchscreen
Battery Life per Charge Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery (600mAh) for up to 7hrs. use. Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery (600mAh) for up to 7hrs. use. N/A


After connecting the wallet to a device, users can access it through Chrome-based Web Wallet, iOS or Android mobile apps.


The STREAM payment solution is the world’s first BLE payment technology to be implemented for processing crypto payment transactions. Available in two variants – StreamPro and StreamMini, the devices work without the need for a sim card or wireless connection. They can be connected to any crypto payment supported app through SecuX SDK and can work with traditional PoS systems. The SecuX STREAM devices support multiple currency types, and payments can be made either over Bluetooth, NFC or by scanning the QR Code generated on the payment terminal device at the time of payment.

Merchants using SecuX STREAM crypto payment system can keep track of all the payments along with additional information on sales over the Merchant Dashboard.


SecuX is one of the platforms offering all-round crypto storage and payment solution for the community. While their STONE hardware wallets offer vault-grade security for thousands of crypto assets, the STREAM crypto payment terminal devices make it easy for businesses to accept crypto payments from their customers, in turn, offering options for crypto users to pay in digital currency for their daily goods and services.

SecuX Crypto Hardware Wallet is available for purchase on their website. Those interested in buying right away can get up to 15% discounts on the purchase.

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