Buying or selling cryptocurrencies through eBay is something no one should do. More specifically, auction sites never take kindly to digital items Especially not if payment solutions such as PayPal are used in the process. Interestingly enough, someone is selling XRP on eBay at rather steep prices. There are also a few listings for other major cryptocurrencies.

It is always interesting to see how people attempt to buy or sell cryptocurrencies these days. Using exchanges or online brokers has become very popular. Even though it is not exactly convenient, it is one’s safest bet regardless. Some people still think eBay is a valuable platform in this regard. There are dozens of listings to buy cryptocurrency from sellers. In most cases, the prices are inflated by quite a bit.

eBay Demand for XRP Seems to Grow

One particular thread on Reddit paints an interesting picture. One eBay seller is offering 25 XRP for the price of $12.5. Considering how XRP is valued at $0.20 right now, that is a pretty steep premium to pay. This cost doesn’t include a wallet set up for buyers to use either. It is impossible to think people would pay such a steep amount. Then again, it seems this particular seller has seen a fair share of success so far.

While XRP is not the only currency being sold, it is remarkable regardless. Most people are interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum right now, for obvious reasons. However, it is good to see people try to bring some positive attention to altcoins. While this method of distribution leaves to be desired, it is still a valiant effort. This method of selling cryptocurrency on eBay is perfectly legitimate, albeit risky.

More specifically, selling XRP or other currencies for PayPal and such is still ill-advised. Reversible payment methods and cryptocurrency don’t mix well. The demand for XRP is certainly there, by the look of things. Granted, the listings are all overpriced. If people aren’t willing to do their homework and look up the actual price, sellers like these will be pretty successful in the long run. eBay is a good a place as any to sell cryptocurrency it seems. A risky venture, but one that can certainly pay off.

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