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Seoul to Host Meeting of Government Officials From Crypto Friendly Nations


High-level government officials from countries which are generally considered as havens for cryptocurrency related businesses are set to gather in Seoul this month. The agenda circles around discussions on the future of policy.

The “Crypto Valley” Meets in Seoul

Government officials from Estonia, Malta, Switzerland, Lithuania, Singapore, and the city of Hong Kong are set to meet at the Blockchain Seoul tradeshow. The event will take place between September 17th and 19th.

Attendees include prominent names such as Asse Sauga – the CEO of the Estonian Cryptocurrency Association, Tony Tong – co-chairman of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association, the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania Vilius Sapoka, and others alike.

The conference will focus on discussions on the policies of the respective countries governing cryptocurrencies.

Governments Getting Serious About Blockchain

The meeting in Seoul is not the only one which drew the attention of government officials. Earlier in August, India saw its largest blockchain event – the International Blockchain Congress which was held in Hyderabad and Goa between August 3rd and 5th.

The conference saw the attendance of more than 5,000 people in total, including 200 government officials. Purportedly, numerous memorandums of understandings were signed between governments and different blockchain organizations.

According to Abhishek Pitti, the CEO of the company which co-hosted the event – Nucleus Vision, this is a major sign of positivity for the entire industry.

What happened in India is giving everybody this huge signal that the governments are supporting the blockchain applications. The crypto markets are just following signals that come.

He also outlined that the conference saw an unprecedented number of government officials demonstrating clear interest towards the industry:

That has happened nowhere in the world, where you have 200 people from the government attending the conference.

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