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Shaolinfry Leaves the Litecoin Development Team


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The recent successes of Litecoin have attracted a lot of attention. Sadly, not everything is going off without a hitch where LTC is concerned. One of the currency’s developers announced on Twitter he is leaving the project effective immediately. There is a lot of speculation as to why this decision was made. Even though Shaolinfry wasn’t the most active, his presence will certainly be missed.

Such a sudden departure always raises more questions than answers. Considering how there are no major changes in the Litecoin world right now, it doesn’t appear to be a difference of opinions. Nor does it appear to be a fallout of some sorts between shaolinfry and other developers. However, leaving “effectively immediately” hardly ever bodes well. It is possible he just got a better offer from a different project, though, but that remains unconfirmed at this point. Being a Litecoin developer is not a permanent job, after all.

Shaolinfry Leaves Litecoin Effective Immediately

Some community members are concerned regarding this departure. Then again, shaolinfry is one of the many people working on this project. One user points out how other developers have been far more active recently. It seems evident this departure will have a minimal impact, for the time being. Voluntary developers will be able to take over the workload without too many issues. This news shouldn’t affect the future of Litecoin in a negative way whatsoever.

Now would be a good time to see an official development update, though. More specifically, it would be nice to see how this departure affects the overall roadmap. Departures like these cause a lot of speculation which may reflect negatively upon Litecoin in the future.It’s never good to see a paid full-time developer leave, but it is unavoidable these days. It is expected an official team update will be provided to the public in the coming days. For now, development of Litecoin continues unabated.

Things have been looking quite good for Litecoin as of late. The popular altcoin successfully increased its value over the past few weeks. It is also remarkably stable considering other currencies have seen volatile periods as of late. LTC is by far one of the most stable investments one can make these days. That situation will not be affected by shaolinfry suddenly departing the development team, though. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Litecoin, that much is evident.

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