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Share Your Passion and Earn Profit With MintMe.com


MintMe.com revolutionizes how people help each other by allowing both sides to earn through an innovative way of crowdfunding. Through MintMe.com, anyone can become a coin creator and use their coins to represent themselves, their original ideas, creations, personal or business projects. It is also a platform where anyone can hold, buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

With MintMe.com, you won’t need much knowledge to create your own token, and it will allow you to maximize your potential through innovative crowdfunding. Set up your token page and add special offers or discounts to your services, promote your latest creations, create sell orders or start a crowdfunding campaign to fund your new startup.

At the same time, it is an exchange platform where you can trade mainstream cryptocurrencies, but also the tokens created have their own trading charts. Traders, supporters, or investors of all kinds can profit from it by offering tokens or holding them. Anyone can see who buys, sells, and how many tokens a trader has.

The site also serves as a social platform where traders can communicate with token creators and other traders. You will be able to chat directly with your favorite content creators, see their latest news, access exclusive content only for token holders, or earn tokens for sharing content in social media. These are only some of the features MintMe.com brings you.

The tokens created at MintMe.com can be centered around an individual or around a whole community, there is no limit, anyone can become a coin creator. For entrepreneurs and artists, these tokens could give them the power to give back to the community, in whichever way they want to. Creating a new service or funding an idea that could spark joy in millions could be as close as a couple of clicks thanks to the MintMe platform and its unique take on content monetization and content sharing.

MintMe.com has already captivated an audience of more than 45 thousand users, of which 10 thousand have successfully created a unique token and have delved into the social features the service has to offer, on top of the exchange and market characteristics it also has. By creating a crowdfunding campaign on MintMe with the use of tokens and blockchain technology, you can become the owner of a digital asset that can represent yourself and back up its value with your original ideas.

Through MintMe tokens, anyone can choose what is the path their campaigns will take, whether that means to raise a little or a lot of money or if you want to instead do it for an individual, a business project, or even for charitable causes. No matter what kind of project you are working on or you wanted to start over the last couple of years, MintMe.com presents itself as a solution to obtain the necessary funds for it.

MintMe.com empowers creators to monetize their fame and their talent by themselves, promote what they do, and reap the benefits without having to deal with any intermediary. No one knows your audience and what they value the most, better than yourself. MintMe.com unifies crowdfunding campaigns, trading and cryptocurrencies to let you share your passion through social channels and profit from it.


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