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ShareBits.io Makes Crypto-Tech for Everyone


The online advertising industry is in peril, thanks to more tech savvy internet users, developers and applications that are currently available. Today internet plays a very important role in our lives. Nowadays people spend most part of their day in front of the computers which makes internet the most effective medium for advertising and promotions.

However, today’s netizens are increasingly using applications like Adblock which prevents advertisements from being displayed on the webpages. These applications prevent businesses from reaching out to their potential customers and get more users onboard. Similarly, engaging users on social media platforms and encouraging them to be advocates of their brands is also a challenging task which if cracked will bring in huge returns to the company. ShareBits.io is going to make all these things easier.

ShareBits.io introduces the benefits of cryptocurrency technology to companies and brands. An initiative of CCEDK, a Danish cryptocurrency exchange and Beyond Bitcoin Show, ShareBits.io offers companies a way to offer tangible rewards to content creators, social media users and other vocal advocates of their brands on the internet. It offers an easy and effective way for companies to build their marketing and promotions around crypto-technology by enabling distribution of crypto tokens to their fans, followers and users.

ShareBits.io is built on OpenLedger, a BitShares platform that enables fast transactions at costs much lower than that of bitcoin fees. Companies can revamp their social media strategy and make it more rewarding to their fans by distributing ShareBits tokens on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook etc. Unlike Karma Points and digital stickers, these ShareBits can be converted to fiat currency by using CCEDK’s nanocard.

ShareBits holders can transfer it to their nanocard and covert it to cash at any conventional ATM of their choice. If ShareBits.io catches up, then it will soon become a source of additional revenue for extensive social media users.


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