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Shoe Company Community Made Will Use Blockchain to Guarantee Transparency


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Community Made is a Los Angeles footwear company. The firm wants to use blockchain to build out its supply chain and ensure the transparency of all its products and transactions.

Community Made is Intrigued by Blockchain

The company is now joining hands with Chroma Way in Stockholm, Sweden. Chroma Way is a blockchain firm that will develop the blockchain technology Community Made needs to make its products as viable and as trustworthy as possible.

Community Made was founded by Sean and Shannon Scott, a duo with plenty of experience in the field of developing shoes and related footwear at companies like Asics, Toms, and Nike. The firm was launched in the year 2017 and develops shoes, foam midsoles, outsoles, and knit uppers.

In an interview, Sean Scott said he believes in the power of blockchain, and he thinks the transparency he’s looking to achieve is necessary for all companies to survive. He stated:

The supply chain has long been a great place to apply decentralized ledger technology. You’ve got a complicated business with a lot of stakeholders and a lot of documentation, and at the same time, you have a demand for clarity about that documentation… It may take some time, some cajoling, some education, but it’s doable.

Shannon Scott, another blockchain believer, also threw her two cents into the mix, commenting:

We’re at that stage in the business where we’ve got people coming in who want to do private label business, and we want to expand because we see that as a really viable thing. It took us a long time to figure out the steps and the pitfalls, and other brands are now going through the same thing.

Sean also says that many consumers have become fully aware of blockchain over the years, and they’re ready to interact with it as much as possible. He mentioned:

They have this ability to get educated with this computer in the palm of their hands. We all do… If the only heel counters we’ve found for our shoes are from China, and we can’t vouch for the source, we want to bring the customer along and let them know that we’re working on it. I think it shows them respect, and they’re going to hold us accountable.

Chroma Way says it will spend the next year or so developing the blockchain the shoe company needs. Shannon says the firm is on the verge of hitting new milestones by having its new chain in place. She stated:

I felt like we were on this island alone for the longest time. Now, it kind of feels like it’s grown into a resort.

Inch by Inch

Sean concluded with:

This nearshoring shift, it’s not a sea change just yet, but we’re moving the needle.

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