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Showcasing Excellence: The Most Innovative Projects on TON Blockchain


The Open Network (TON) ecosystem has seen an exponential surge in growth and innovation, becoming a beacon for developers and investors alike in the world of cryptocurrencies. Initially conceptualized by Pavel Durov as the blockchain platform for Telegram, TON has evolved into a robust and scalable network, boasting high transaction speeds and user-friendly applications. This article aims to shed light on five promising cryptocurrencies within the TON ecosystem, each with the potential to achieve significant growth.

1. Gramcoin (GRAM): The Uncontested Leader

Growth potential: high

GRAM, or Gramcoin, is a cryptocurrency that has gained popularity within the Telegram ecosystem due to its unique mining process. It allows users to mine on video cards through givers, special smart contracts that contain computational tasks. Miners are rewarded for completing these tasks, similar to the Bitcoin network, without the need for expensive ASICs. This decentralized approach makes GRAM accessible to anyone with a video card, significantly decentralizing the distribution of tokens.

GRAM’s community rapidly grew to tens of thousands of users, driven by its accessibility and decentralized nature. The community has dubbed GRAM as the new bitcoin within the Telegram ecosystem, highlighting its potential to follow in Bitcoin’s footsteps as a pioneering digital currency.

GRAM is actively traded on several decentralized platforms within the TON ecosystem, including STON.fi, Ton Diamonds, DeDust, and through the Cryptorg bot in the Telegram messenger. Since its inception in January, GRAM’s price has skyrocketed by 28,000 times, and the number of GRAM holders has exceeded 30,000 in less than two months. Amidst speculation within the project’s Telegram group about potential listings, the GRAM community is eagerly anticipating the token’s debut on leading exchanges in the near future. Observant members have tracked substantial movements of GRAM tokens, highlighting transfers exceeding a million units to wallets associated with MEXC and OKX platforms.

2. Notcoin (NOT): The Popular Meme Coin

Growth potential: moderate

NOT is a meme coin from the Notcoin clicker in the TON ecosystem which gained immense popularity among crypto fans throughout the winter thanks to free giveaways. Over 30 million people were using Notcoin on Telegram by mid-March 2024, with 5 million users engaging with the platform daily.

You may play Notcoin, a basic game, right in the Telegram chat. To play the game, all the player has to do is click on the coin icon. A certain quantity of coins are given to the user for every click. The energy in the game has a limited supply; clicking uses it up, but it may be replenished over time, so clicking nonstop won’t work. In addition to NOTs, you may earn them for doing other things, such joining Telegram conversations or channels, recruiting friends via referral links, and promoting recruited friends to a higher league level. There were exclusive terms – 50,000 Notcoin to be exact – for Telegram Premium subscribers. However, as of April 1, 2024, the Notcoin team will no longer be “mining” the coin. This announcement came from the gaming Web3 project.

Interestingly, the NOT and GRAM projects have formed a cordial alliance, with the NOT founder also owning GRAM tokens and organizing contests with prizes in this token. Working together like this shows how committed the crypto community is to these initiatives and their goals.

3. STON.fi (STON): The Leading DEX in TON

Growth potential: above average

STON.fi stands as a pivotal decentralized exchange (DEX) within the TON ecosystem, operating on an innovative automated market maker (AMM) model. Established in 2022, it utilizes request-for-quote (RFQ) mechanisms and hashed time-locked contracts (HTLC) for seamless cross-chain swaps, positioning itself as a technological frontrunner in facilitating secure and efficient trading.

With a daily trading volume reaching $7 million, STON.fi not only showcases the vibrant activity within the TON ecosystem but also signifies the trust and reliance traders place in its infrastructure. This figure, one of the highest among emerging TON-based platforms, indicates a robust and growing interest in TON’s offerings.

STON.fi’s growth potential is rated above average, buoyed by the TON ecosystem’s expanding user base and the intrinsic value of its technological foundation. The STON token, integral to protocol governance and voting through long-term bets, has seen a remarkable six-fold increase in value from February to March 2024, peaking at $18. This growth trajectory underscores STON.fi’s solid market position and its pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) within the TON ecosystem.

4. DeFinder Capital (DFC): The Ecosystem Innovator

Growth potential: moderate

DeFinder Capital (DFC) represents a multifaceted initiative within the TON ecosystem, offering a suite of products that includes the ARBUZ clicker game with a continuous coin drop, the DeWallet digital wallet, the DeFinder Capital Fund, ArrakenPlanet farming game, and the pioneering betting service on TON. These offerings are designed to cater to a broad spectrum of user needs, from gaming and financial services to investment opportunities.

DFC’s primary ambition is to ascend as the premier community within the TON ecosystem. By filling the voids in service and product niches and driving the popularization of TON through user engagement, DeFinder Capital aims to act as a unifying force, bridging disparate segments of the crypto community. This vision is supported by leveraging the DFC token for ecosystem governance through a decentralized autonomous community (DAO) model, where tokens from the social pool are allocated to attract and motivate active user participation.

With moderate growth potential, DFC’s innovative ecosystem and comprehensive service offerings position it as a significant player within the TON landscape. The project has garnered the support of the TON Foundation, with a notable $20,000 contribution from the head of the foundation to DeFinder’s wallet. Coupled with a remarkable 1440% increase in DFC’s trading value since December 2023, these factors underscore DeFinder Capital’s promising trajectory towards achieving its ambitious goals.

TonUp (TONUP): The Launchpad Phenomenon

Growth potential: moderate

TonUp serves as a critical launchpad within The Open Network (TON), aimed at fostering new project development by facilitating funding and liquidity. As a cornerstone for project incubation in the TON blockchain, TonUp plays a vital role in nurturing innovation and supporting the ecosystem’s expansion.

To maintain and enhance token value, TonUp employs a strategic approach of periodic token redemptions and burns, effectively reducing the circulating supply. This practice not only stabilizes but also potentially increases the value of TonUP tokens, offering investors an added layer of confidence in the platform’s long-term viability.

TonUP has demonstrated impressive performance, with its token value surging by 180% over a single month and reaching a historical peak of $1.2 on March 25. This growth trajectory is indicative of robust investor confidence and market demand for TonUp’s offerings. Given its strategic token management practices and role as a launchpad, TonUP possesses moderate growth potential, positioning it as a key player in attracting further innovation and investment within the TON ecosystem.

Leading TON Projects Synergy

The exploration of these five cryptocurrencies reveals their pivotal roles and potential within the TON ecosystem. Each project, with its unique offerings and strategic visions, contributes to the vibrancy and dynamism of TON. From GRAM’s decentralization efforts to NOT’s engaging gameplay, STON.fi’s innovative DEX infrastructure, DFC’s unifying community approach, and TONUP’s launchpad capabilities, these initiatives collectively underscore the rich possibilities for growth and innovation within The Open Network. As they continue to evolve and expand their footprints, their collective impact promises to shape the future landscape of blockchain technology and decentralized finance.


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