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SIGEN.pro Lists TON Crystal (Free TON)


The Scottish trading platform SIGEN.pro announced the listing of the TON Crystal (TON) — the cryptocurrency of the Free TON that is based on the legendary Telegram Open Network blockchain

The Free TON project uses the open code of Pavel Durov’s Telegram Open Network which was not launched due to the SEC’s litigation. The Free TON Network has been already supported by over 7000 companies and individuals, including the TON Labs developers.

The Scottish platform SIGEN.pro became one of the first cryptocurrency platforms in the world to fully support the Free TON Project. The platform shares Pavel Durov’s ideas on decentralization and freedom of speech without borders and demonstrates its commitment to these principles within the platform by a truly global approach towards users: all transactions on the SIGEN.pro platform are available with all world currencies and without commissions.

SIGEN.pro unites the cryptocurrency trading platform, p2p platform secured with Escrow and Social Trust Scoring technologies, and the automated exchange where users can instantly sell or buy cryptocurrencies in a single click. Moreover, the platforms provide users with the multi-cryptocurrency wallet and user-friendly multi-featured mobile application.

These competitive advantages together with high levels of security and fully-functional around-the-clock technical support allow the SIGEN.pro to actively grow in transaction volumes. According to the CryptoCompare, this month at the period from September 10th to October 10th, the innovative platform gained 1300% in daily transaction volume.

The SIGEN.pro developers shared that new cryptocurrency TON Crystal  differs  from traditional cryptocurrencies and explained how the team managed to become on of the first in the world to list TON Crystal:

«It is finally done. We listed TON Crystal (FreeTON) on our platform. And we managed to become the first in CIS region and one of the first in the world. Here we have an urge to swipe the honest sweat with the mouse pad. Believe us, there were reasons to sweat.

The TON Crystal is a unique cryptocurrency. Its distinct features pave the way to the future, but at the same time, they make listing more difficult, in comparison with traditional coins, as Bitcoin and Ethereum. We will not list here all these features. You can easily find them by following the links:https://freeton.org/main and https://en.freeton.wiki/Free_TON_overview. We will only highlight those that complicate the listing. For that, we have to dive into the technical details. There is no other way.

  1. The Free TON blockchain is, in fact, a set of blockchains. Here we talk not only about master chains and work chains, which are easy to manage. The master chain supports the network. Work chains, or “working horses”, have their utility value. But what would you say about shard chain – the incorporated sharding system? What would you say about the fact that every new block in the network is like a new blockchain? Here we do not even start with the infinite segmenting. All on one, ordinary listing methods that work perfectly with “linear” blockchains like Bitcoin are clearly not enough.
  2. The Free TON is the platform. That is why to work with your own address (account) it is not enough to come up with/generate mnemonics. To have the functioning address for transactions with TON Crystal, it is needed to deploy on it the smart contract which will run different procedures, including the simplest of operations like transferring the coins. But to deploy the contract, it is needed to first receive on it the address of the future coin. Therefore, the procedure is the following: you receive coins, you “activate” the address using the smart contract, and now you can use the address.

 The architecture of our platform is service-based. With such cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, the architecture looks in the following way:


 The back server has all the business logic: p2p platform, exchange etc. Transact servers are responsible for the operations with the user balance. For every cryptocurrency, there is a specific “Transact” server with the logic for operations with a node. Therefore, the pattern “Factory” functions on the server level. To list a cryptocurrency, it is usually enough to write one service (in fact, one provider in the service) and all other functions will work with APIs in a regular way.

But the unique structure of the Free TON would make the provider too complicated and we would have to change the code for the whole service. How to solve it?

There is a saying: there is no problem in programming that could not be solved with an additional level of abstraction.

That is why we added one more service by implementing the pattern “Adapter”.

This service encapsulates the unique features of the Free TON and provides “Transact” with more familiar APIs. Let’s demonstrate how it works with the task for the new address creation.

The “Adapter” API receives mnemonics then the procedure works in the following way:

  1. “Adapter receives with mnemonics the work chain account 0 as well as public and private keys.
  2. The coins necessary for the smart contract deployment are sent from previously registered address to the new account.
  3. The smart contract is being deployed.
  4. Profit, you have a functioning activated account!

 The server “Transact” creates the story like with all other currencies: the creation of mnemonics brings new address/account.

This is how easy with the basic programming knowledge we have become the first in CIS and one of the first in the world to list Free TON. And if we count the p2p in the platform, we are the first in this planet”.


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