The latest in the developments in the Creditbit project is the initiative underway to raise more awareness about the project. The initiative is named Creditbit Signature/Social Campaign and is a dedicated signature and social media campaign. The platform being utilized for the campaign is Bitcoin Talk.

The campaign was launched after a Creditbit community member was approached by a supporter of Creditbit to try and gain some awareness for the project. It is the campaign’s aim to introduce Creditbit to those who may not have heard of it. The Creditbit project has been around since late 2015 and is still going strong today.

Anyone can become a part of the campaign and can share articles regarding Creditbit and add the signature to their profile. These steps will direct more people towards the Creditbit project and everything it has to offer.

A list of recent articles and news about the project is as follows:

More interesting articles and information about the project can be found on their ANN Thread.

The campaign aims to make people aware about Creditbit and not just pay blind posters. Therefore, the prospective community members are advised to take the time to inform themselves about the project before posting and joining the community.

It is really simple to join the campaign. The code is –

Btctalk name
Current post count

Creditbit Address either from livecoin or your eth wallet

Wear appropriate signature

The campaign which was announced on May 04, 2017 on Bitcoin Talk is already gaining enough traction with a lot of queries for participation being posted by the interested members. The discussion platform is abuzz with activity from the posts by the hopeful campaign participants.

Further, the Creditbit community members are also actively helping them in getting listed on some of the exchanges. Creditbit is looking to get listed on platforms like Poloniex, Bittrex and the like in the near future.

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