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The challenge of current financial investment systems is that clients face high commissions, costs, and difficulties in trading or investing, especially for newbies. Therefore, to solve these problems, Simple Europe UAB company has developed an innovative product called Simple APP. This product came to us and we, as experts, want to do a simple review of the Simple App. Is it will be a new brand or not?

Simple Review shows that the company was established in 2021 under the registered name Simple Europe UAB and is fully regulated in the European Union. At this stage, the question arises. Is Simple safe?

Yes, we can say with great certainty that Simple App is safe and that’s why:

●       The Simple is a fully regulated crypto exchange and is a regulated digital asset institution.
●       The Simple App is a safe and reliable service that is regulated in the European Union.
●       The Simple provides market prices that are transparent and competitive.
●       And important in our days, the Simple App has support that is fully serviced by people and not by chatbots.
●       The Simple provides secure purchase of cryptocurrencies using a debit or credit card.
●       The service supports more than 40 of the best crypto assets.
●       Detailed statistics will provide complete control of crypto assets in one convenient application.
●       Sending cryptocurrencies to friends or relatives, or simply buying goods and services, is done securely from a single application.
●       Creating a Simple payment card, with which you can buy groceries in a store or a plane ticket to visit a country where you have not been yet, will become even more convenient and safer.

A simple review shows innovative security such as:

●       Preservation of digital assets in secure offline storage.
●       Any traffic is encrypted and is completely safe thanks to the HTTPS data transfer protocol and no one cannot hack you.
●       Partnering with leading companies developing financial products allows the company to always be one step ahead of the competitors.
●       Deposits and withdrawals are under strong encryption.

What about the legitimacy of the Simple App? Is Simple legit?

We can check this with the Dun & Bradstreet service, and we see that the service has an officially registered address in Vilnius, Lithuania, European Union.

The number of employees of the company is more than 50 people. And on the site there are 4 open vacancies, which means that the company is actively growing.

If, in general, the company has the following indicators of legitimacy:

●       The Simple APP was established in 2021.
●       Company registration is Vilnius, Lithuania, European Union.
●       The company’s offices are located in Cyprus and Bulgaria.
●       The company employs more than 50 people.
●       Director of the company, Viktor Grekov.
●       The company is actively growing and currently has 4 active vacancies.

The Simple review shows that the company has a high rank of legitimate.

How does simple work?

The main business activity of the Simple services is the ability to invest and trade by buying and selling crypto, convert, send and hold financial activity on your Simple App wallet.

The service allows you when you trade or invest to use both market execution and limit orders. This means that you can buy or sell crypto now or set a condition that when a certain price is reached, you will make a deal to buy or sell crypto. The uniqueness of the platform is that it allows you to track the average cost spent on the purchase of your cryptocurrency portfolio. The service also offers more than 40 crypto assets, which are the most popular on the market.

The Simple App has an earning program with an interest rate similar to bank deposits. Only, instead of the 3% per annum offered by your bank, you will receive up to 15% per annum by investing in cryptocurrencies. For example, if you keep crypto assets worth 100,000 USD on your simple wallet, then annually you will receive a percentage of the deposit in the amount of up to 15%, which is 15,000 USD per year or 1,250 USD per month, which will be an excellent passive income.

The reliability of the service is also in the fact that each client undergoes an AML / KYC Policy check in order to reduce the risk of illegal financial activities.

Simple features

As mentioned above, the Simple has an interest rate, which averages a yield of 10-15% per annum, depending on the asset with which you keep your savings. It can be USD Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba, Dogecoin, and others. In general, Simple App allows you to store your assets in more than 40 popular cryptocurrencies, like shows Simple review.

The Simple App has a referral program, using which you can also earn money. The process of the referral program is quite simple:

●       The Simple will provide a unique referral link that you can advertise on your sites.
●       The number of referrals you have attracted can be anything and is not limited.
●       It is important that the referral you attracted must pass the KYC policy and only after approval by the dealership of the company, the referral will be credited to you.
●       The company reserves the right to change the referral policy and the percentage of remuneration.

With Simple App, you can store your crypto assets and use the app as a crypto wallet.

A Simple Wallet is an ideal option for those who want to have quick and constant access to their crypto assets and receive an interest rate on their crypto assets.

You can also send money from your wallet to anyone. This is pretty easy to do:

1)   Download the Simple app
2)   Buy a crypto asset with your debit or credit card.
3)   Store, send and spend your crypto assets as you like, and all this in one application, in one crypto wallet.

You can use your Simple Wallet on any of your favourite Android or iOS devices.

Simple app review

Without an analysis of the Simple mobile application, this review will not be complete. Because the Simple mobile app is what every user interacts with. You can download Simple App for both iOS and Android.

The first impression of the application is that it is clear and easy to use. The convenient and beautiful interface of the application makes it a pleasure to use. You can easily buy, sell, convert, deposit money, withdraw money, send or receive money.

Using your Visa or MasterCard, you can easily replenish your balance. Simple app download allows you to check it by your side.

The Simple application has the following features:

●       The highest priority of security for customer accounts.
●       Advanced encryption standards for the security of all transactions.
●       Possibility to use money transfers by using a mobile phone number.
●       Trade all the most famous and capitalized cryptocurrencies.
●       Supplier price aggregation allows you to minimize any costs when you buy and sell crypto.
●       24/7 human support.
●       Easy procedure for buying crypto with a bank card.
●       One universal wallet for various assets, be it fiat or crypto.
●       The constant work of a group of developers and managers to add and improve the company’s services.

It is also worth noting the design of the application, since the Simple app is:

●       Advanced trading possibility.
●       An interactive interface that allows you to get the most necessary information, such as price charts and analytical information for professional traders.
●       Price aggregation from different providers allows you to minimize any costs that you incur when trading or investing in cryptocurrencies.

Any service that quickly lets you contact support is great. We have specifically tested the responsiveness of the Simple support team. It was quite fast and communication was pleasant and fruitful. The support team answered all our questions.

Simple support is just great. It is important to note that support is available 24/7. You can write via e-mail or online chat, but in any case, the support will be just lightning fast.


Simple is an innovative product with a high level of security for its users.

With the Simple App, users can buy, sell, convert, store in a wallet, trade, and send crypto assets to anyone.

The simple mobile application was created to be beautiful, convenient, and enjoyable to use.

At the moment, the simple app allows you to do all of the above operations with cryptocurrencies, but the development team does not stand still and in the near future the service will be able to offer trading and investment operations with all worldwide shares.

They also plan to implement a branded card that you can use to pay for anything in online stores and retail stores.

Once again, we would like to note all the most advanced security standards for storing and executing any transactions that are implemented in the simple app. You can be confident in the safety of your financial assets.

The Simple app has every chance to become on par with the giants of the crypto industry. Thanks to Simple review, our verdict is to use this service.

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