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SimpleFX: Boosting CFD Trading Experience


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SimpleFX, the best CFD trading platform in 2017 according to the Cryptocurrency World Expo keeps getting better to improve users’ experience. Geared towards customer experience, the platform enlists the use of some of the best third-party application software while taking customer feedback seriously. The platform uses both MetaTrader 4 and WebTrader to give customers unmatched experience trading on their platform. The platform also has an altogether new trading engine that not only reduces the loading times drastically but also increases the frequency of price updates.

Currently, SimpleFX is testing a BETA version of its improved software. It incorporates new changes and advancements among them the introduction of an iOS app. While its Android counterpart has been available to users since late December 2017, the iOS version finally gives iPhone users the mobile version experience. This is a further extension to the range of the availability of the platform. Primarily, it has its WebTrader available for desktop computers which also got a facelift. The introduction of iOS-compatible App increases the options for ‘on-the-move’ trading.

The Beta WebTrader comes with improvements to the software as well as new tools, among them; account management, shoutbox, placing orders, powerful technical analysis tools and more. The new management tools give the user an ability to design and fashion the dashboard according to their preferred taste. For instance, one can disable or enable statements and notifications at will. They get to choose the charts to see and the price levels for preferred currency pairs. Essentially, SimpleFX has a whole new management interface that puts total control into users’ hands.

Placing orders also couldn’t get any better on the platform. However, with SimpleFX, there are bound to be more improvements in the near future. As of now, the beta version allows users to access all data pertaining to a trade in order to optimize risk management. Included are options to adjust PIPs value as well as required margin. It also has improved limit orders for price levels and expiry dates. The shout box has also been simplified and narrowed down to 4 rooms.

SimpleFX hugely relies on user feedback to enable them to improve on their key point of focus — user experience, as they move forward with an improvement trajectory in mind. Users therefore can get a look at the site without necessarily having to register on the platform. At the event of registration, it involves easy and quick steps where one can sign up using Facebook, Twitter, Google or email. Upon registration, their multilingual support team addresses concerns from over 150,000 traders across 140 different countries.

The Beta version, on its tasting stage, is live alongside the current trading version. Both will be on till the end of August 2018 where the old version shall be disabled, paving the way to the new one after careful consideration of feedback.

Trading on the site is particularly easy. To open a trade on Litecoin for instance, a user needs to click on the crypto option interface to the left of the trading home screen. It has with it, listed alongside ‘favorites’ on the home page. If your coin of choice is on the favorites, according to trading statistics, then you need not move further.

However, if it isn’t, you need to check further down the crypto menu. For Litecoin, we find it a bit to the bottom.

Alternatively, when trading on a previously traded coin, users can directly click the ‘new orders’ tab on the homepage and place the order. They can further set the particulars for the open order and continue trading.


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