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Sinum.app rolls out Version 2.0 with new features and appealing visuals


11/03/2024 – Sinum.app is proud to announce the release of its Version 2.0, which further elevates users’ experience offering an easy and user-friendly way to manage their crypto assets and stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates.

Having launched its first version in 2023, Sinum.app is a one-stop solution for all crypto users: it allows them to customize their home screen with a variety of widgets, set their own news feed, manage crypto assets, and quickly access crypto wallets. Other useful widgets include currency rate converter, block explorer, crypto contact book, and lending instruments.

The app was developed by a dedicated team of experts with a rich background in Web 3.0 and DeFi projects. They designed it to be intuitive and easy to customize, making an ideal tool for both newbies and experienced crypto users.

Version 2.0 includes all previous features enhanced with:

  • Multi-chain support. On top of Ethereum, the team added Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. More chains are coming soon!
  • Web3 ID. Users are now able to build their reputation through in-app activities and achievements. Collected reputation points can grant them rewards and different perks. On top of that, Web3 ID will serve as a user’s passport, reflecting recent actions and account statistics.
  • Customizable Smart feed. Users can apply filters to see the news about certain topics from particular sources. Now they can easily fetch relevant information from thousands of news hooks.
  • Light color palette. Renewed design facilitates app navigation and improves user experience through slight UX/UI touches.

We are thrilled to present Version 2.0 to our community,” – said Artem Kushneryk, CEO of Sinum.app. “This is a serious step in our roadmap that makes us closer to building a super app for managing pretty much everything in the crypto realm. New features make Sinum.app useful for those who need simpler ways to navigate through tons of information and access their funds on various blockchains.”

Combining all essential features and seamless navigation, Sinum.app is set to become a one-stop-station for crypto experts and beginners. To learn more about Sinum 2.0 and download the app, visit https://sinum.app/.

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