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The founder and co-CEO of Sirin Labs – one of the popular ICO projects of 2018, has reportedly been scammed out of a ‘significant’ amount of Bitcoin while attempting to purchase Grin in bulk. 

Moshe Hogeg Victim to a Bitcoin Scam

The popular Israeli blockchain entrepreneur Moshesh Hogeg has been scammed out of ‘significant’ amount of Bitcoin, local Israeli media reports.

Hogeg has posted on Facebook in a local Bitcoin community, describing the unfortunate circumstances he’s been through.

He says that he attempted to purchase a large amount of Grin through a trusted over-the-counter service, using Bitcoin for the purchase.

He has reportedly connected with a reliable seller through Telegram. What is more, the seller has been recommended to him by a third-party ‘trustee’. Before sending the Bitcoin, Hogeg has requested for a certain amount of Grin to be sent to him as proof that the seller actually owns the coin.

After the confirmation transaction had been carried out and Hogeg received the Grin as proof of ownership, he supposedly sent the necessary amount of Bitcoin.

At this time, both the seller and the trustee disappeared and never resurfaced. Hogeg says that he is already consulting his lawyer over his next steps. While the amount of Bitcoin lost remains undisclosed, it is supposedly ‘significant’.

Hogeg is the co-CEO and founder of a popular blockchain project Sirin Labs. It managed to raise $150 million during its ICO for the development of a smartphone based on the blockchain.

The project got a lot of publicity, especially after signing Lionel Messi to endorse it. Just a few days ago, Sirin Labs opened the first shop selling its blockchain-based smartphone – Finney.

What do you think of Moshe Hogeg falling victim to this scam? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of The Times of Israel

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