SkillGaming vs Gambling

· December 17, 2017 · 8:15 pm

In the modern information-oriented society, video games are one of the most popular ways for Internet users to spend their time. Steady demand for this type of entertainment contributes to the continuous process of creating new game genres of interest to both professional gamers and amateurs.

Skill Gaming – a new industry of electronic sports – has come to replace the classic table games and sports tournaments. Skill Gaming combines the computer games, the final result of which is directly determined by the player’s physical or mental abilities such as reaction speed, dexterity, erudition, strategic thinking, etc. At the same time, it gives players a chance to win real money or valuable prizes. Chess, backgammon, mahjong and other games could be the examples of Skill Gaming.

Among the existing entertainment genres, there are popular games that can be equally considered as both Gambling and Skill Gaming. Such interconnectedness exists due to the presence of the PVP competitive seed in both categories, as well as the money betting component. However, Skill Gaming should in no way be identified with gambling. The key difference between Skill Gaming and gambling is the extent to which a chance is affecting the game final result. So, in Gambling (for example, in slot machines, keno or roulette), the dominant factor in determining the result is just a chance. In Skill Gaming, on the contrary, the results of the game are solely achieved (!) by players who seek to minimize the chance factor and are able to increase their chances of victory by studying additional literature and improving their skills on their own.

In contrast to Gambling gamers, Skill Gaming gamers, who are thrilled by competition, are interested in the process of the game itself, not only in its result. That is why a reward is considered to be a bonus given for gamers’ efforts and skills rather than the only incentive to participate.

One of the examples of Skill Gaming is PlayHall, decentralized platform for multiplayer Skill Gaming games based on competition among gamers with the purpose of demonstrating their skills and winning the world’s most popular cryptocurrency (Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) etc) as well as platform currency PHT token. This platform will give the players an opportunity to compete in their skills in global PvP tournaments or in self-created PvP matches, some of which are already available on the platform in test mode. The platform can offer more than 50 games by the end of 2018.

A distinctive feature of Skill Gaming is that it has a logical strategy and a direct correlation between chances to win and the number of sessions completed by the gamer. Moreover, being free from social stigmatization or public condemnation, inherent in casino games or sports betting, Skill Gaming is potentially capable of attracting a wider audience and become a popular leisure activity.

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