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Various businesses and service providers accept cryptocurrency payments. The latest firm to join this growing list is Skoda Minotti. The renowned business advisory firm now accepts this form of payment for client service payments. Another notch in the belt for the Bitcoin and altcoin industry.

Skoda Minotti Takes a Big Gamble

One of the main reasons few companies accept Bitcoin payments is due to price volatility. This is despite payment processors ensuring no value is lost during this process. Companies such as BitPay will convert Bitcoin to fiat currency at the rate of the time of payment. Even so, that is not always sufficient to convince companies in terms of adoption cryptocurrencies.

In the case of Skoda Minotti, they see no objections in this regard. The company offers business advice to clients all across the United States. Over the years, some of their discussions have also shifted to cryptocurrencies Clients want to learn more about how they can gain exposure to this form of money and its associated volatility. Because of this popularity, Skoda Minotti decided to integrate a Bitcoin payment option.

Furthermore, the company wants to remain committed to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Skoda Minotti’s Nick Ward confirms the company believes both industries are here to stay. Ensuring clients can use their preferred payment method is part of achieving that goal. Unlike other providers, the company relies on Coinbase to complete transactions. They will not charge a fee for processing these payments.

Positive News Across the Board

For the industry, this news is a major boon. Although Bitcoin is becoming a more commonly accepted payment method, overall adoption is still relatively low. When business advisory firms start to take the plunge, an interesting precedent is created. It may lead to a new wave of companies experimenting with cryptocurrencies in the future.

This is also great news for Coinbase. The company recently made a tough call to discontinue one its institutional products. With the help of Skoda Minotti, it becomes evident the company is still about more than just trading cryptocurrencies. It remains a viable payment gateway to accept Bitcoin payments as well. Although not as popular as BitPay, it is still a convenient service.

The Bitcoin industry direly needs some positive news. Bearish price momentum throughout 2018 has cast a dark shadow over the cryptocurrency industry. Despite upcoming technical improvements, there is limited adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method. With the help of Skoda Minotti, the narrative is slowly changing in favor of the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

What do you think of Skoda Minotti’s decision to accept Bitcoin payments? Let us know in the comments below.

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