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SmartUp Mobile App to Mentor Start-Ups


The rise of Bitcoin and the technology associated with it has also given rise to many start-ups. These days, people are venturing out to have their own start-ups than continue working for other companies. Both technologists and seasoned entrepreneurs have realised the potential of Bitcoin technology, the applications that can be built over it and the commercial viability of these applications. As they get to know more, they are more convinced to start working on their own projects to create those applications and make money out of it.

Entrepreneurship comes with its own challenges, initially people make mistakes and learn from them. Especially first time entrepreneurs who do not have prior experience are more prone to making mistakes in the absence of guidance or mentorship. The mentors can be someone who has experience in the industry the entrepreneur is focusing upon or someone who has experience building businesses.

Founders Forum, one of the well-known online forums for entrepreneurs understands the situation very well. In order to help entrepreneurs and start-ups, they have come up with a mobile platform called SmartUp. The SmartUp mobile app, currently available for Apple iOS mobile platform is a virtual mentorship platform for entrepreneurs. Even though this application is not confined to any one particular segment of business, it will be useful of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology based ventures as well.

Using this applications, entrepreneurs can gain access to mentors and seasoned entrepreneurs who are capable of guiding them through their journey of entrepreneurship. The SmartUp application uses gamification element to gauge users by asking them selected questions. These questions are similar to those frequently asked by investors and mentors to understand the business idea and decision-making skills of entrepreneurs.

The gamification element incorporated in SmartUp assigns points for interactions on the application which also forms the basis for ranking the platform users. SmartUp users can gain access to various resources and content created by experts from Founders Forum. Those who manage to reach the top of leader board will also receive individual actual mentorship from the Founders  Forum members.

For start-ups, it is a win – win situation as they get to learn new things every day which will also help them build a successful business.


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