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Snip to Power Journalists with Censor-free News Platform


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A new startup aiming to revolutionize the way news is delivered has just announced the launch of its platform.

Snip, as the startup is titled, is like no other news delivery service. It is decentralized, for instance, which ensures that no single master or central corporate authority control the information. Instead, the platform is run by the active participation of the community. Anyone on Snip can write a news story, about any topic, and readers can find the news which suits their taste.

What’s further impressive is reward mechanism. Snip allows contributors to earn rewards in the form of its institutionalized token, called SNP. It is truly encouraging, to say the least. In the present times, good journalists are heavily underpaid, because they don’t bend the knee before the hegemony of media houses. As a result, what the world access today is nothing but heavily manipulated and censored information — a chunk of truth.

By directly powering journalists with finances, Snip certainly frees them from the chains of corporates.

What’s the worth of SNP

Snip, since the announcement, has allocated all its focus on injecting value to the SNP token. It is made possible with a crowdsale round, in which the Snip Team will make 30 million SNP tokens available for sale. Initially, the designated value of per 310K SNP tokens will be 1 ETH. The startup plans to raise a maximum of $8 million from the SNP crowdsale. The raised funds will be allocated towards the development of Snip platform.

“But what about the SNP holders,” one might ask.

The Snip finance model is created to benefit the SNP holders. The team believes that their institutionalized token will be in demand once the platform is released. Their whitepaper mentions that Snip will put SNP at the center of platform’s day-to-day economic activities, i.e. for rewards, as well as for subscription and ads payments.

There will an organic demand for SNP in a long run, and its price would likely push north, believes Snip.

The company is yet to announce the date of the launch of its crowdsale round.

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