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Social Monster UXLINK Achieves Global User Tiered Operations with NFT Distribution


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Social Monster UXLINK is known for its rapid user growth and massive user scale since its launch, becoming the world’s largest Web3 social platform and infrastructure for users to discover, engage and invest in good Crypto assets in a socialized way. Recently UXLINK has realized the stratified operation of over 7 million users worldwide by issuing the community NFT.

According to UXLINK’s official website, as of press date, the total registered users exceed 7 million. It is worth noting that every registered user of UXLINK enters the network through Link to Earn, where every user has a linked social relationship, not just a wallet address, and these users come from over 190 countries and regions.

UXLINK user map from Google Analytics

According to on-chain data, over 4 million users already have UXLINK assets. These users have already interacted with UXLINK on-chain contracts and are actively accumulating their own social assets (On-chain POW points).

According to Dune data, more than 1.4 million users have minted UXLINK community NFTs, which belong to the community’s high-quality users, and only users who have accumulated enough on-chain POW points among the above 4 million users can mint NFTs, which are measured by the degree of contribution to the community, on-chain interactions and the value of the assets held by the users. 

Among them:

(1) LINK NFT holders Number 1,350,136, frequently on-chain interaction users, the largest group of NFT holders in the world.

(2) FRENS NFT holders 313,745, an active and social group of people who are the driving force behind the growth of the Web3 project.

(3) TRUST NFT holders 4,343, KOLs and Group Leaders in the UXLINK ecosystem.

(4) MOON NFT holders 351, KOLs and Whales in WEB3.

As the world’s largest Web3 social platform and infrastructure, UXLINK is able to better serve third-party developers through the tiered operation of users, allowing developers to provide different services and benefits according to different tiers of users. It also brings users a constant power of upgrading, allowing 4 million on-chain POW asset holders to become NFT holders, and normal NFT holders to continuously upgrade high-level NFT holders, thus realizing a multi-win situation for users – platforms – excellent Web3 projects.


UXLINK is the largest web3 social platform and infrastructure for users and developers to discover, distribute, and trade crypto assets in unique socialized and group-based manners.

Mint UXLINK NFT: https://dapp.uxlink.io/uxnft 

Contact Details:

UXLINK Web: https://www.uxlink.io/
UXLINK Twitter : https://twitter.com/UXLINKofficial 

UXLINK Telegram: https://t.me/uxlinkofficial

Contact Information:

Media Contact:

Rachita Chettri
[email protected]


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