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SocialMedia.Market rewards backers with CryptoKitties!


SocialMedia.Market, a decentralized platform for influencer marketing announced that they will reward their contributors with CryptoKitties.

Every backer, who contributed more than 500 SMT (approximately 0,5 ETH), will get a unique CryptoKitty. Moreover, every participant of SocialMedia.Market token sale, who contributed more than 5000 SMTs, can win a Gen 0 CryptoKitty for Christmas! The prize draw will be held on December 25, 2017.

“There is nothing more “social media” than feed-consuming cute cats and funny kitties. Being the first decentralized platform for influencer marketing we couldn’t miss the trend as well. Therefore we decided to bring additional cuteness to our contributors, providing them with a chance to get their very own and unique CryptoKitty.” – shared Aleksandra Morozova, the CMO of SocialMedia.Market.

SocialMedia.Market is the first decentralized influencer marketing marketplace, built to connect advertisers, social media publishers, and agencies in a completely transparent and secure ecosystem. The platform is based on blockchain technology and smart contracts, effectively eliminating many of the pressing industry issues, like fraud, unclear pricing, agency fees, etc.

The SocialMedia.Market pre-ICO has started on December 7, 2017. It has been extended and will last through December 21, 2017. The exchange rate is 1 ETH for 800 SMT. The hard cap is 10 000 000 SMT.

All the kitties will be sent within a week after the end of the pre-ICO: December 21, 2017 12:00 PM GMT (1:00 pm CET).

CryproKitties is the first blockchain-based game, which is centered around collectible, breedable, and adorable digital pets – CryptoKitties. It is the first cryptocollectible to shake the industry. Each CryptoKitty is unique and one-of-a-kind. It is secured within a blockchain system, 100% owned by you. It cannot be replicated, taken away or destroyed.

SocialMedia.Market has already partnered with Influencer Marketing Hub to ensure 100%  transparency and security of the influencer marketing ecosystem. ICOBOX also supported the project, becoming a tech partner of SocialMedia.Market.

SocialMedia.Market has almost closed it’s soft cap with more than $800K being gathered by December 11.

To learn more about the project please follow the link to the website – https://socialmedia.market/.


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