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Solar DAO Makes it Easier for People to Invest in Clean Energy


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Solar DAO is a revolutionary initiative that combines the best of two different industries — Energy sector and Financial Technology. The platform, an investment fund based on Ethereum blockchain has announced the launch of its Pre-ICO round, set to start from July 27, 2017.

The Solar DAO Pre-ICO offers investors an early access to the platform’s native SDAO tokens. The investment round, set to last for more than a month will allow investors to purchase their fair share of 80 Million tokens.

Solar DAO is a blockchain powered platform that is designed with the aim of eliminating the risks and costs associated with investments in PV (Photo-voltaic) solar energy plants. The universal nature of distributed ledgers makes it possible for investors from any part of the world to put their money into solar projects across the globe. This project will not only open new avenues of investment for the people but also increases the liquidity in the renewable energy sector.

In addition to offering an easy, safe and anonymous way to invest in solar projects, the platform effectively subsidizes the construction of PV solar plants. It also eliminates the costs and hassles associated with intermediaries and arranging deals while eradicating technical and other barriers.

In return, the investors in SDAO tokens stand to get a share of profits generated by the solar plants by selling the produced electricity to the grid. The Solar DAO token holders are also empowered with voting rights that enable them to have a say in project development and management.

The Solar DAO platform is a result of an idea that incubated for over four years. The concept was first devised in 2012. The team has been relentlessly pursuing the concept for over four years before taking a huge step forward by announcing the crowdsale campaign. The Solar DAO whitepaper provides an outline of the project, market opportunities and the future of decentralized investment platform in the clean energy sector.

The upcoming Pre-ICO campaign has some exciting bonuses in place, incentivizing early investors to make the most of it. Those interested in becoming part of the clean energy movement can do so by visiting the website.


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