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Solidus AI Tech Community Diversifies with Bitgert Coin – Exploring the Benefits


Web3 is the biggest tech revolution ongoing in the world. Companies, developers, programmers, and all are taking part in creating a platform for the world to perform cross-border transactions through decentralized methods. Solidus AI Tech’s AITECH coin provides infrastructure to other companies for mixing the elements of AI and Web3 without needing their own infrastructure.

The AITECH coin’s native chain focuses on providing AI, blockchain technology, High Power Computing and Database infrastructure as a service. Owing to their pursuit of providing efficient and high-speed blockchain network solutions, investors in AITECH have expanded their investments in outsourcing blockchain network solutions as well.

AITECH’s native chain, Solidus AI Tech, is continuously partnering and investing in network solutions that optimize and aim to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem.

What Does AITECH Offer?

AITECH’s native network Solidus AI Tech functions in the domain of offering AI as a service, Blockchain as a service, HPC as a service and much more. The AITECH token facilitates payments within the Solidus AI Tech ecosystem. AITECH powers the complete artificial intelligence marketplace offered by Solidus AI Tech. AITECH token provides a low-cost, efficient and low latency-based cross-border transaction model for all the users. The AITECH token’s network promotes peer to peer network of computers and also caters to the Metaverse. Through a model of shared computing, AITECH’s chain enables High Powered Computing for all its users at low cost.

AITECH Community and Its Investment Diversification

The AITECH community is a high-tech enthusiast network of programmers, developers, tech companies and other investors. Solidus AI Tech has optimized its hardware efficiency by 40%. The AITECH token also supports low transaction costs and a high-speed transaction model while maintaining military-grade encryption for their users. The AITECH community has benefited from the high-tech offerings of the token and its native network. Now they are also eyeing broadening their investment to other beneficial tokens.

The AITECH community is particularly interested in Bitgert’s native token BRISE. Bitgert offers a layer 1 network solution to the market which acts as an infrastructure base to validate and execute transactions without support from any other network. Bitgert works on a zero gas fees and high transaction speed model. Multiple projects like Miidas NFT marketplace, BRISE Paradise, Omniaverse and Startup Studio have encouraged funding and cash flow into the Bitgert network. This acts as a strong base for Bitgert’s BRISE to back itself up as an investment with huge potential.

The Bitgert network also supports EVM smart contracts, cross-chain asset transfers and more with nearly zero transaction fees. Owing to all this, Bitgert’s BRISE coin has generated huge investments in the market.

Bitgert’s BRISE coin rose by more than 50% in the first week of March. Bitgert’s BRISE coin has a strong buy signal as the MACD score states buying pressure amongst the investors. The market suggests that Bitgert’s BRISE coin may touch $0.0001 this year from $0.0000002662 currently. This is why even the AITECH community is strongly pursuing investment in the token. If you are also looking for a currency to generate great returns, Bitgert’s BRISE coin can be the smart choice.

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