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Someone Used Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road Account While He Was In Jail


More and more details related to the Ross Ulbricht and Silk Road investigation are becoming available in quick succession. In fact, it turns out someone used the Silk Road operator account while Ulbricht has been residing in a jail cell. This begs the question of who may be behind this “attack”, and whether or not a corrupt law enforcement agent is involved.

Who Is Using Ross Ulbricht’s Operator Account?

Things are unraveling fast for law enforcement agencies involved in the Silk Road investigation. After two corrupt investigators were uncovered during the investigation itself, it appears even more shenanigans are taking place behind the scenes. To be more precise, someone has accessed Ross Ulbricht’s operator account on the Silk Road platform while he was in jail. A rather strange occurrence that warrants further investigation.

The evidence has been presented by Ulbricht’s attorneys, indicating someone else had access to this credentials after this arrest. It remains unknown whether this is someone working for law enforcement, or another person active on the Silk Road platform itself. However, it is more likely someone with a law enforcement background is responsible for this incident, given the rather “convenient” timing.

To put the news into perspective, this unauthorized access seems to indicate there have been multiple individuals presenting themselves as the original Dread Pirate Roberts. In fact, this also invalidates virtually every piece of evidence gathered through this account activity, as no one can be sure Ulbricht himself was logged in at that time.

It is not the first time such strange occurrences relate to the Silk Road investigation. Earlier this week, Ulbricht’s lawyers indicated some of the investigation’s evidence had been tampered with, allegedly by someone with a background in law enforcement. Moreover, this begs the question how far the FBI went during their investigation, as they have seemingly used every dirty trick in the playbook to nail Ulbricht.

Lyn Ulbricht, Ross Ulbricht’s mother, stated the following:

“There is a record in the database for every account, showing the most recent log-in. We don’t know when that person or persons originally gained access, or how many times they logged into Silk Road as DPR. We don’t know how many DPRs there were,” Lyn Ulbricht told me in an email. “It’s the nature of digital evidence that it’s easily changed, planted or deleted without a trace. That my son—or anyone—would get a life sentence without parole based on vulnerable digital evidence, especially when it’s been corrupted, is a travesty of justice.”

A total of six terabytes of information needs to be sifted before the truth regarding Silk Road can come to light. There are a lot of rumors and theories flying around indicating how the US government was out to get Ulbricht at any rate. As time progresses, it becomes more apparent several mistakes have been made during this investigation. However, that doesn’t mean the US legal system will suddenly revise the entire case.

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