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SONM ICO has punched $32 MLN mark and is gaining momentum


SONM ICO started June 15, 17:00 UTC and is picking up steam after reaching the $32 MLN mark. More than 10,000 transactions have been proceeded by SONM smart-contract by now with 6693 unique adresses participating; most of the investments are made in ETH.
After the team fixed bugs with BTC and altcoins proceeding, the process which slowed down for a while due to some technical issues, skyrocketed with renewed vigour. The statistics shows that after a very quick and intensive start, the dynamics slowed down for a while which was mostly knit to the website being under maintainance after a dramatic traffic overload. $10 MLN was raised within half an hour.
The team is currently working hard on settling all the matters concerning SNM tokens allocation and helping investors to solve some tricky issues like SNM token adding to their wallets. All the technical problems and bugs which were mostly knit to BTC and altcoins deposit and token amount return fuction.
SNM tokens have already been listed on HitBTC, a Chinese exchange and on EtherDelta, a smart-contract based exchange platform.
To seize your chance and participate in SONM ICO please follow the instuctions on the official website ico.sonm.io and stay tuned.Faithfully yours,
SONM team


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