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SpaceSwap and UniFarm Unite for Upcoming Cohort 19 from 10th August at 13:30 UTC


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SpaceSwap is happy to announce that starting on 10th August 2021, the platform’s native token MILK2 will become part of a united farming pool. Cohort 19 from UniFarm will start at 13:30 UTC on the appointed day and last for 180 days! This is a great opportunity for all MILK2 holders to stake their tokens and farm multiple-token rewards. UniFarm’s Cohort 19 will be going live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


What is a ‘cohort’ and how does it work?

An inventive farming solution, the Cohort 19 pool from UniFarm provides users with a unique opportunity to receive rewards in multiple tokens for staking only one type of token. Cohorts run in sequence and last for a specific period of time. They have a start date and an end date. Only top-tier projects are brought together to provide users with the best staking solution possible.

This time the cohort will include the following tokens:

$MILK2 with SpaceSwap
$ORO with OpenDeFi
$SMG with Smaugs
$CANU with Cannumo
$UFARM with UniFarm

Users can stake any one of these tokens and get all of them as rewards.

For staking $MILK2, Cohort 19 participants will receive rewards as follows:

Week 1: You’ll be earning $MILK2 as rewards.
Week 2: You’ll be earning $MILK2 and $ORO as rewards.
Week 3: You’ll be earning $MILK2, $ORO, $SMG as rewards.
Week 4: You’ll be earning $MILK2, $ORO, $SMG and $CANU as rewards.
Week 5 onwards: You’ll be earning $MILK2, $ORO, $SMG, $CANU and $UFARM.

“SpaceSwap has a very strong and supportive community. Our users are literally the best, they are not just a “money resource” for us – they provide us with true inspiration. This is why it is always important for our team to find new ways to boost our native token and help people make some profit. This collaboration will last for 180 days and will fortify our community. It will also help introduce our token and our platform to new people. I find this to be a great new avenue for our token,” says Dan Khomenko, CEO of SpaceSwap.

About UniFarm

An inventive farming solution by OroPocket, UniFarm brings multiple DeFi projects together in one cohort, where users can stake and farm multiple tokens. This is a great incentive for pool participants to stay longer in the pool, keeping their tokens staked.

UniFarm states that it provides up to 250% APY, which is a great result for users retaining custody of their tokens. There is also very low token vulnerability to market volatility, due to the fact that participants are in full control of their personal token activity.

Website: https://unifarm.co/
Telegram: https://telegram.me/myunifarm
Twitter: https://twitter.com/unifarm_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unifarm_official/

About SpaceSwap

SpaceSwap is a DeFi hub ecosystem that unites the most popular decentralized protocols in one place. A former yield-farming platform, SpaceSwap has managed to race ahead within just a few months of adding new projects to its portfolio. The revolutionary Shadow Staking solution allows users to stake LP tokens without ever removing them from their wallets, using a one-time contract interaction. You can stake tokens without needing to send them somewhere else!

SpaceSwap has two native tokens: MILK2 (for governance) and SHAKE (an extra profit tool). Adding MILK2 to the UniFarm Cohort is a great way to support the token and provide extra opportunities for its holders.

Website: https://spaceswap.app/
Telegram: t.me/SpaceSwap
Twitter: https://twitter.com/spaceswapdefi
Blog: https://blog.spaceswap.app/
Discord: https://discord.gg/r6RymJj



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