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SpectroCoin an All-in-One Solution for Bitcoin Users


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A London-based Bitcoin company is aiming to bring quicker digital currency solutions with its plethora of services.

SpectroCoin, as the company is titled, perhaps is the first company in the Bitcoin sector that offers a Bitcoin exchange, debit card and payment processing service, and a dedicated wallet — all under one roof. The company proud itself for rolling out services that aptly makes financing easier and quicker for users all around the world. Excerpt from SpectroCoin’s official statement:

“We have successfully combined technological reliability, infrastructural comprehensiveness and relevant experience and academically based financial knowledge. By balancing these key strengths, SpectroCoin is able to be flexible and provide the highest-quality services for clients.”

SpectroCoin further stressed on the reasons why it wants to handle such a complex finance infrastructure. Despite its revolutionary features, as the company stated, Bitcoin is still being targeted for its scalability. As the number of users grow, it is predicted that the confirmation time taken to mine Bitcoin blocks will be severely affected. It could result into slower transactions.

SpectroCoin, on the other hand, has always eyed on improving transaction speeds. The company’s expandable business model makes sure that requested Bitcoins are delivered within the same day, irrespective of what the market volume could be. SpectroCoin’s POS merchants — in particular — would expect the payments to be made almost instantly, without relying on Bitcoin’s 10-60 minute confirmation time.

While the service could charge customers a little extra, it still rests the power to control finances in their own hands. For example: if someone wishes to send 1,000 USD from one part of the world to another, he/she would either opt wire or mainstream financial services. In either case, the exchange rate will be a forced one, and a customer will have to abide by it. With SpectroCoin, the customers would still have an option to trade Bitcoins with over 20 fiat and one digital currency, thanks to an integrated exchange.

For more information on the company, please visit here.


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