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Stanford to Start Cryptocurrency Course


Bitcoin has become an important part of today’s digital economy. Even though it has its own issues in terms of volatility, internal politics among bitcoin mining groups and developer groups, the currency still works on a huge decentralized network to solve a lot of banking and finance related problems across the world. Bitcoin has proven that the future of fintech lies in digital currency, so whether bitcoin as a currency survives or not, the tech and concept behind it will be surely utilized by governments, banks and financial institutions to further develop their respective nation’s economy.

In order to keep up with the changing times, it is necessary to educate today’s students about digital currencies along with courses related to conventional finance and economy. There are few universities across the world who are already working along the lines by introducing bitcoin or digital related courses as part of their curriculum. Stanford University is the latest well-known university to do so.

Stanford University is now officially introducing a course on bitcoin. The course, slated to start from September 21, will be kicked off with a free security webinar. The webinar will also serve as a curtain raiser for Stanford University’s Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin and Friends course.

By introducing the cryptocurrency based course, Stanford has now joined the likes of other two American universities viz., New York University and Duke University. However, the Stanford University’s course on bitcoin doesn’t come cheap. Even though the first seminar is free, tuitions for remaining sessions come with a course fee of $3,960. The course is open for the students of Stanford University and also to other professionals who have enrolled for graduation program in Cyber Security. Too receive the course certificate for Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin and Friends, one has to finish a total of four modules which will come to a total cost of $13,400 and $18,480.

(Students who are part of Stanford’s member organizations will receive a $600 discount.)


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