Stealing Bitcoin or any other form of money is always a problematic trend. It seems cryptocurrency can bring out the worst in people at times. One Chinese engineer effectively tried to steal 100 BTC from his own company. Although he repaid 90 BTC in the end, he is still facing a lengthy period of jail time.

When people get desperate, they effectively tend to lose track of the bigger picture. Trying to enrich oneself by stealing from others is absolutely unacceptable under any circumstance. For Zhong Mo, a Chinese engineer, it was seemingly his only course of action. By taking 100 Bitcoin from his own company, it was evident his intentions were quite clear for everyone to see

Stealing Bitcoin is a Big no-no

Mo was quite crafty in this regard. More specifically, he repaid 90 BTC over time as a way to make up for the theft. Unfortunately, his plan backfired, as he was arrested in China last week. Taking the 100 BTC from the company’s administrative systems was not the smartest move by any means. With the remaining 10 BTC still outstanding, the discrepancy was impossible to overlook in the end.

For the time being, it seems the investigation is still ongoing. It is expected Zhong Mo will face up to seven years of jail time for this theft. While it is the first investigation of this nature by the Beijing police, it may not be the last. Anyone violating the law regarding private digitally stored information can be jailed for three years. Special circumstances can extend that time to seven years.

These are very desperate times for a lot of people. More specifically, the financial pressure on consumers is mounting as we speak. Even so, that does not warrant anyone stealing Bitcoin or other forms of money from others. Zhong Mo will have a lot to answer for in this regard. Greed often gets the best of people, even though common sense should always prevail.

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