The Steemit platform is a place where creators and enthusiasts can create and share content. More importantly, they have a chance to earn money while doing so, which is part of the reason for its success. The first-ever SteemFest was organised recently and attracted a lot of attention from enthusiasts all over the world.

Successful SteemFest Edition Spawns New Meetups

Even though some people may argue attendees figures for SteemFest were rather low, over 200 people attended the event. During this three-day event, several discussions related to cryptocurrency took place. Additionally, there were a few discussions related to decentralised social media, which is quickly becoming the preferred form of online conversation among college students.

SteemFest is also a major promotion event for the Steemit platform itself. Even though no one was sure how successful SteemFest would be, it has become apparent there is a demand for weekly Steemit meetups. In fact, these meetups will occur all over the world, in the hopes of making the next edition of SteemFest an even bigger success.

Steemit CEO Ned Scott commented on the event as follows:

“SteemFest was hugely successful, with more than 200 active Steem users in attendance representing more than 30 countries around the world.  In my estimation, there has ever been a blockchain or social network community event like this with so much energy and so early in the platform’s history. In fact, if we are just looking at cryptocurrency users, I believe this is one of the biggest events to ever occur that has gathered actual platform users.”

A shift is taking place as to how people look at social media these days. Companies such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter remain overly popular, but they are also facing a lot of opposition to their practices. Censorship seems to be rampant across social media platforms, indicating a dire need for decentralised solutions. SteemIt wants to fill that niche, although other competitors will emerge over time.

That being said, Steemit has been quite successful since its launch just over six months ago. With over 110,000 users and nearly one million unique visitors every month, things are looking up for the company. The platform also attracted attention from Neil Strauss, a world-renowned author. So far, Strauss is very optimistic about the platform and has become an active contributor, which further validates the concept of decentralised social media.

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