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Steve Bannon and $FJB Digital Currency Run Into a Few Issues


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Steve Bannon – a former advisor to President Donald Trump – and his $FJB digital currency are allegedly running into a few problems.

Steve Bannon and $FJB Coin Aren’t Living Up to the Hype

In 2021, the digital asset $FJB – which is short for “F*ck Joe Biden,” a chant that began not long after the current commander-in-chief botched America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan – rose through the ranks given the crypto space was enduring one of its most bullish periods ever and because Biden sentiment was beginning to hit new lows. Bannon – who quickly purchased a stake in the asset – said the currency was being developed to help conservatives find a new method of purchasing goods, donating to charities, and creating jobs.

Not long ago, Bannon commented that the currency would be enduring various changes. He mentioned in an interview:

We are now saying, ‘Screw Joe Biden.’ It shows your total and complete independence … You’re going to very quickly have non-reliance on their financial system.

$FJB is now alleged to stand for “freedom jobs business.” The problem, however, is that the asset has reportedly lost more than 90 percent of its overall value. A lot of this has to do with the present state of the digital currency space, which has become horribly bearish in the last 14 months.

However, there are many people out there that claim those behind the asset either made false promises about the coin or didn’t disclose necessary information. Others are saying that while part of the currency’s profits were supposed to be given to charity projects such as Wounded Warriors, the funds were never delivered.

One user offered the following complaint via the $FJB Discord channel. The user in question is believed to have bought as much as $15,000 worth of the token:

I was excited to be a part of a charity coin where transaction fees helped people, [but] for the past half a year, we have moved away from the original ideas of the coin we bought into. I’m still hopeful this project will help many people, but we have been met with overpromises and delays the WHOLE WAY.

Another person stated:

At least all the millions made to charity donations… Oh wait, that didn’t happen.

A Quick Defense

A spokesperson for the coin has come out to offer the following rebuttal:

Steve and Boris are fully committed to the $FJB community and are working with a proficient and dedicated team in order to continue moving forward with all of the goals and objectives of the project. There is also a full effort under way to determine and remedy any issues stemming from actions of the original founders of the coin. The $FJB community stands for and champions transparency, independence, and American strength. Steve and Boris will always fight for those ideals.

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